I have RA and I will never be the same. I will forever miss those pain and fatigue free days. I am now adjusting to all that I have lost because of it. The pain is unpredictable, the fatigue is overbearing but above all I have to get used to being a new person that has to learn to adjust to all that has been thrown my way.

I wake up I feel pain, I get up I feel tired. I walk around I’m moving slow. I miss me. I miss what Rheumatoid Arthritis has stolen from me. Yet I still go on by grace. We all feel the loss of ourselves but we keep on going.

Learning to live with RA is really a challenge but what else can I do. I put one foot in front of the other and move forward. I take with me those who wish to follow and understand because I can’t wait for those who don’t. The challenge is too great to pull others along. My energy is on myself.

So as I make my way through this life with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I will do the best that I can with all that I can and have. Things will get tough but there will be good days. I realize what this disease has stolen from me but I realize also what I still have. Through it all I am still Blessed.

For each of you on your struggle with pain, loneliness and misunderstanding I wish you the best, I truly understand. Keep fighting through the struggles.

Be Blessed.