I am not lying about my disease, you just refuse to believe me
I am not a complainer, I just want to be heard
I am not seeking attention, I really am sick
I am not being lazy, I just cannot do some of the things I use to
I am not broken, I just happen not to be an easy fix
I am not my disease but it has changed who I am
I am not invisible but this disease can make what I’m going through seem so
I am not misunderstood but Rheumatoid Arthritis surely is!

With Rheumatoid Arthritis we spend so much time explaining our illness, our symptoms and why we can’t be the way we once were. We pay mentally the cost for having this horrible disease though it’s not the fault of our own. The doubts, the looks, the misunderstanding is just some of what we have to endure because of RA. Because of this we endure loneliness on a level many would not believe making us feel sometimes as invisible as some of our symptoms.

We are not many of the things people think we are but we are, this disease has made us. A person suffering with a chronic life long, life changing, debilitating auto immune Disease.

Be Blessed.