Fellow warriors, how are you all doing? My hope is that you’re doing alright. That being said, by having Rheumatoid Arthritis it is such a trying thing and is filled with so much uncertainty, pain and confusion. Do you ever find yourself working beyond your limit. Trying to fill in the gaps that you feel have been left because you were unable to do as much. At some point in your illness do you want to just throw up your hands because of your frustration.

You want to please everyone but you can’t make yourself do anything for yourself let alone others. Your will is to do it all but your body is saying something totally different. Your mind pushes on but things just aren’t happening. So you feel defeated, unsure and sometimes like a failure. The truth is, you can’t do what your body won’t let you. You are in no way a failure, it is the disease that is failing your body.

Having this disease limits our bodies and that is something that most do not understand. We as sufferers know this. We often push forward in an effort to make ourselves and those in our lives feel normal and more complete. We’re broken physically and this makes us broken mentally. Trying to be the best that we can and more drives our limitations sometimes to a fever pitch of exhaustion. This is unhealthy for us in every way but our drive continues even as we’re breaking. This is one of those unseen things about RA.

So what I would say, See Us as we fight to always to be as normal as possible. While smiling when we’re crying inside or being silent when no one even notices. We’re trying our best to fit in with this incurable disease known as Rheumatoid Arthritis. What you must know, it is a disease that often pushes us to find and exceed our limits in a plight that only we truly understand. Do you ever feel pushed to or beyond your limits? I’m sure you have. More than care you to mention.

Be Blessed!

photo credit: pixabay