Continuing the fight isn’t easy and finding strength when we’re weak physically and mentally somehow does makes us stronger than most give us credit for even though they may never see it. We’re fighting daily just to maintain some normalcy. Normalcy, what does that mean for us! Nothing close to what it use too. Gone are the days of being who we thought we would always be and what we would always be doing in our lives. Sure everyone’s life changes at some point but with RA the changes can be rapid and they can be unexpected and harsh.

Most of us have to sit back and watch ourselves slip away day after day to someone who this disease has chosen us to be. We’re no longer as strong and vibrant as we use to be and we’re forced to accept the limitations that have been put upon us. The devastating news and the affects of this disease is so much more than anyone can ever imagine. We have to began to fight for ourselves and what we need to do to survive and find what is our normal with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

You see, RA is not a disease that simply messes with your joints causing pain as many may think, it can ravish our entire bodies from the inside out. It may take you down slowly or it may go fast, working on your mind as it makes its way through. It leaves us longing for the life we once had therefore giving us the emotional fight to try as hard as we can for any part of how we once were. But the relentless fight to keep going is met with resistance every way we turn because let me tell you, this disease is a harsh one.

How do we do it and manage to stay in the fight! We have no choice because so many depend on us for so many things and we have to depend on ourselves because far too often we are left alone in our fight to survive. So we have to pick ourselves up as hard as it may be and fight for even when we have little fight left. We have no others when we left alone and that is why we are always trying to fight our way back from far too many affects brought on by Rheumatoid Arthritis.

We get up, it kicks us back down. We try to get up, it keeps us down. We fight, we may win for a while. Rheumatoid Arthritis, one of the biggest battles to live with. Yet, we’re always trying to fight our way back from the pain up.

Be Blessed!

photo credit: pixabay