I am lonely. How can that be! I sit alone, I lay alone, I go alone, I cry alone so that leaves me alone. Does this sound familiar to you? Well I will tell you, Rheumatoid Arthritis can be a very lonely disease. Just ask some who has this disease and they will tell you it is true.

How can that be I ask again. In reality it’s because you lose love ones, friends, associates and others. They don’t understand this disease and what you’re going through and find they can’t stay around for the long haul. This disease isn’t temporary, it is chronic and real and many just can’t take the Chronic. We of course can’t control RA, it controls us so we’re at its mercy.

Why do people leave! It doesn’t always mean they leave physically, there are many who leave you mentally. They leave because they can’t deal with the ongoing pain that we endure, the tiredness that leaves us lying in bed for days and the sickness that our medications can cause. They leave because they often feel we just can suck it up and keep going not realizing that many times we do suck it up and keep going. But there are times that is impossible. They leave because they do not want to face or hear what we have to say or how we may be feeling at any given time. Wondering if what we’re saying or how we feel is real or is it a cry for pity or attention, it is real.

Though we are often sick, we know it is up to us to sustain as we fight through the loneliness that comes with RA. Many times we’re sitting alone wondering where is the support that we need and find none. There is nothing worse than needing a caring smile, a loving hug, a positive word or just a warm look of understanding. It is awful having to walk through a door whether home or at work knowing the negatives that you have to face from being saddled with a disease that’s not understood. The disease that has hindered you in so many ways, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Loneliness: sadness because one has no family, friends or company and the quality of being unfrequented and remote; isolation. How bad is that for those that have to deal with this as you go through the struggles of having this disease. It is love, hope, comfort and above all Understanding that is needed during these times. With these things comes the joy of lessening the burdens of being sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is not necessary to leave or turn away because you don’t understand. Began to understand and it will make a world of difference.

I know this all sounds so disheartening and there are those that have the support they need but for most of us in our own way, we have experienced loneliness and it is sad. My prayer is that no one has to experience this in their journey with this disease.

Be Blessed!

photo credit: pixabay