Rheumatoid Arthritis, not just a symptom but a disease that affects the body. Autoimmune disease that mistakenly attacks its own tissues causing damage to your joints and organs. Left untreated it can get worse and treated, you still have your issues. Imagine living life with a disease that’s working against your body like this each and every day. Imagine being sick each and every day.

Having RA can be tricky. It is different for each one of us. Some of us may have what is known as a mild case, some in between and some a more progressive case, yet we all suffer with the daily pain of having this disease. We each have a choice of taking medication or whether we would like to go another route. Either way, there are those tell, tell signs that comes with having this dreaded monster. The pain, fatigue, brain fog just to name a few. But how do we deal with and how do we allow what others feel about how we cope with RA affect our lives.

Do you find yourself feeling bad or guilty for being sick and not being able to do the many things that you thought you would be doing for the long haul. Do you feel tormented and lose sleep because you think you should be doing what you know your body won’t let you do. Are you wracking your brain with sadness and shedding endless tears because you’re in bed when you feel you should be up and about doing things. Because you’re limited, you find yourself depressed and blaming yourself and feeling less than when you know in your heart you would do more if you could do more. Are you tormenting yourself for being the one that’s sick. We all have been led down that road by this disease but this should never be!

The feeling of guilt is being regretful for things you should be doing but is unable to. Please understand that being sick is not a choice, it is a circumstance. We did not choose to have this disease so we should never be made to feel bad because we are limited. Being sick with RA means we are bound by limitations for life. We do blame ourselves because we naturally feel it is because of us that things and lives around us have changed but the reality is we are doing the best that we can.

The torment we suffer is the guilt we find ourselves so many times suffering in silence. That is a hidden pain that no sees as we quietly take to ourselves while realizing all that this disease is taking from us. It is true we should not feel guilty and blame ourselves but how can we not when the spoken words, stares and isolation says it all. Sometimes there is no way around what we have learned so well from having this disease. With it comes more than just our physical pain. It brings so much more than many eyes may ever see.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Be Blessed!

photo credit: pixabay