For those of you who don’t understand RA
Let me tell you about a typical day

There’s pain, fatigue and our many, many tears
Along with that, our ongoing fears

We often find ourselves feeling alone and blue
Not quite sure how to cope or exactly what we should do

We’re constantly trying to make things work out
While hoping someday you realize exactly what RA is all about

Yes there’s a lot to know about this complicated disease
So many times it has literally brought us to our knees

But you don’t understand and maybe you never really will
Let us tell you Rheumatoid Arthritis is something you can’t heal

It is forever and always, that’s our terrible reality
A realization that constantly fills us with anxiety

It makes us fight isolation, sadness and depression all in a day
And all of this is just a part of what has become our normal way

So for those of you that don’t understand
We know that it’s possible and we know that you can!

Be Blessed!