We all know the physical pain we face each day with Rheumatoid Arthritis, the pain that can be achy, throbbing or relentless.  Pain that is forever present from one joint to the next.  Not only are we dealing with that pain but many other pains that can be from side effects from our medications that can be just as relentless but it doesn’t stop there, we have a pain that many just may not be able to see that we’re struggling with daily, emotional pain!  A problem that gets lost in our battle with this debilitating disease.

Emotional pain is so easily forgotten or more so, it’s really not even thought off or even associated with RA in the eyes of many.  No one really realize just how much we suffer emotionally because the burden of hurting day after day is such a heave one.  Dealing with being unable to function normally takes its toll and we’re forced to live with that reality but it’s not easy accepting it.  Being limited with what you can do for yourself and your family because of pain and fatigue brings emotional pain to your mind and heart.  The stress and depression is overwhelming and that in itself limits your life in a way that can also be debilitating.  Don’t be left alone in your suffering, it’s just not fair to suffer this pain alone either.

How do we deal with this unfortunate part of our lives we have been dealt.  More than not we hide our pain from almost everyone in an effort to be the strong one to make up for our physical limitations.  We’re trying our best to be strong for others while denying ourselves the freedom of truthfulness at times of struggles. The sad thing is, many don’t even notice what we’re going through.  The sadness in our eyes, the time alone or quietness we may show is mistaken for other things.  No one takes the time to delve into our emotional being to see exactly how we’re really doing.  They assume we just want to be left alone or we are acting funny so to speak or we’re just pretending to be sick again.  We are indeed dealing with both physical and mental pain which is taking its toll on our minds, bodies and souls.

Depression and anxiety can be terrifying to deal with alone.  It is noted these are the 2 most common mental illnesses that people living with RA experience.  Simply put, pain causes stress, stress causes mood change and when your mood change it’s harder to do almost anything especially manage your pain, so it’s like a vicious cycle.  So when dealing with emotional pain, there is a great risk for so much because we know, stress is our enemy as well as RA.  That is why, when people overlook our emotional pain the same way they overlook the seriousness of our RA, they truly are being unfair to us.  Yes our pain is MORE than physical.  We should not have to hide it or bear it alone.  We need everyone around us to help us through the tough times and not so tough times.

I will say, don’t bear this burden alone if you are dealing with depression and anxiety.  You should never be alone and you are not alone because so many of us suffering with RA understand what you’re going through.  This does not mean that everyone has depression or anxiety or either to the point they need to see a doctor but if you do, please see someone.  But know there is always someone in the RA family that you can talk to.  I am also a great listener because I get it if you just need an ear.  Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope it has been inspirational in some form.

Be Blessed.

photo credit: pixabay