Do you hurt so much you wonder if it’s possible for pain to actually last this long and be this relenting, powerful and debilitating.  Well this is what having Rheumatoid Arthritis does to its victims.  That’s right, victims.  Anything that hurt someone as much, as often and as long means we are its victims.

RA targets, set fort and attack those in its path and alter lives, devastate lives and turn lives upside down for everyone that it touches. It leaves us all picking up the pieces while we’re trying our best to hold our families, our jobs and everything around us together with the little that’s left in us.  As it slowly takes us on, we’re fighting to stay ahead but the battle is fierce and it’s never-ending.  We find we are in for the fight of our lives.  We as victims are fighting back against a disease that can be invisible but non the less just as fierce.  We are fighting the fight of our lives even when those around us fail to see it.

The Battle:  Battling for us is dealing with the pain that just won’t go away, fatigue that catches us off guard as it settles in leaving us bound to a bed that brings no relief.  Sometimes we’re not able to move because we seem weighted down and feel we’re moving in slow motion with not much energy to push forward.  Added to this is the guilt and depression that holds us down leaving us just as weak as the pain and fatigue. Our minds are exploding with frustration as we struggle to find relief from all that this disease is throwing at us.  We know first hand it never lets up and the battle is continuous.  As its victims, it won’t give us a break and our fight is for our emotional well being as well as our physical well being.  Being its victim is our lifetime curse.

We look for peace in rest or comfort from those in our lives because this is a big help to us as we struggle through the tough times but this doesn’t always happen.  Resting the mind is a must for us but sleep for us can be a stranger just like comfort can be a stranger from those in our lives.  We toss and turn with no peace in sight.  The pain is relentless and we’re thinking, will it ever end or will it even get better.  The nights are long as they slip into long days of pain and fatigue only to start the whole process all over again.  We are chased around by a disease that never lets up to give us a little peace allowing us to feel what normal is.  It hangs on from our head to our feet leaving us wondering how can your feet hurt so much.  This is how this complicated disease works as it shows us what can be done without explanations or fixes.  We are running from the every day pain, fatigue, worry, depression and sadness but but it’s all wrapped up in those 2 words that we will live with forever, Rheumatoid Arthritis.  We are its victim.

The fight for us is complicated.  The medicine to make us better works but makes us worry.  We find ourselves sometimes wondering which is better, the medicine with all of its effects or the disease but the reality is, deep down, most of us will make the decision to go with the medication because at its worse, it can help us.  This is just another thing in our battle with RA.  It is there to protect and make us less than a victim but it is a two edge sword.  The struggle to stay well is a struggle to be well.  Our fight to get better is ongoing through medications of all kind for many reasons.  These are all parts of dealing with this dreadful disease.  This is the outcome of becoming a victim of a disease known as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Our fight will never be over but hopefully our struggles will get better.  It is unfortunate that we are the ones that have this disease and I know each of us wish more than life itself that we did not have it.  I know as tough as things get for us we won’t give up even though it gets really, really hard sometimes and our will to fight may ebb away momentarily.  We may be victims but we are fighters and I believe we will fight as long as we have too in order to stand up to RA.  Be strong and be loved.

Be Blessed.