How does Rheumatoid Arthritis affects your life and your fight to maintain.  Do you feel weak when in reality the battle we fight makes us strong.  You are strong in your weakest moments.

Are you filled with guilt! Guilt because you aren’t who you use to be emotionally nor how you were physically.  The guilt takes over because your functions have become limited and doing things aren’t as easy as it use to be if at all possible so being unable too sends you down a road filled with guilt that’s long and hard.  Guilty because you are faced with feelings of letting your family down even though it’s out of your control.  The constant pain we’re in keeps us locked in a world controlled by Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It dictates what our days are to be.  We often feel or want things to be our way but this disease has other ideas.  We try our best to fight our way through the pain but the majority of the time, RA wins.  It is true we may fight through but in the end, RA is the true winner.

Are you emotional!  An emotional mess because you’re constantly in pain and fatigued from a disease overload.  You’re emotional because of the constants that go with having Rheumatoid Arthritis.  The things that drain you physically that sends you on this emotional roller coaster ride.  Not knowing, not doing and not responding makes your journey one that is filled with emotional bumps along the way.  You’re dealing with a vicious disease that has become overwhelming in the most harsh ways.  Daily life is filled with uncertainty and unrest which brings on bouts of emotional pain.  Emotions run high each and every day because life has changed for us and our minds are working overtime trying to deal with everything.

Are you angry!  Angry because you have this disease.  Yes a disease that’s known to tear your life apart.  Angry because you find yourself wondering why this happened to you.  You’re angry about many situations where this disease bring negative issues from those that should be understanding your circumstances but don’t.  We know having this disease comes with misunderstanding and the fallout from that along can bring anger.  Angry because your life has been turned upside down while you’re working hard to manage life with your new diagnosis.  Anger that we know shouldn’t be a part of our lives.

Are you misunderstood!  Oh the misunderstanding we face having this disease is worth a 1000 words and then some.   Understanding this disease is the hardest thing to come by.  Rheumatoid Arthritis is not what many think it is and having it with it all its symptoms brings misunderstanding about us.  So much is misunderstood about what we face everyday while struggling with RA and we’re misunderstood even down to our day to day battles from the simplest to the hardest.  If only people could understand we are how we are because of this disease not a simple word (arthritis), there would be more sympathy, caring and understanding.  This disease is not a crutch, a cry for pity, sorrow or difference but a real chronic disease and a life long enemy.

Are you fatigued!  Are you mentally and physically drained from having RA with all that it brings with it.  The emotional weight it puts on you and the physical tolls it levels upon you can be overwhelming.  However it is, the fatigue for us is just enormous.  You can hardly move because your body refuse to when you need it too.  You lack energy physically and you’re running on empty emotionally so there is no help there to get you going even when it is necessary.  So you are working on zero energy to get anything done.  You are depleted in all aspects and bound to bed with only tears to comfort you.  You’re struggling in silence while hoping that some strength will eventually come.  Fatigue, our constant companion.

Through all of this we still fight but fighting takes it toll.  Rheumatoid Arthritis rips apart  our very being and silently and slowly damage the very core of our family being as well as our bodies.  To keep going is a struggle but it is a struggle we try as best we can to keep up and and accept.  Nothing about this disease is easy because it is vicious and it is relentless showing us just how much it is in charge.  So we are always struggling to survive in a life captivated by Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Be Blessed.