Have you sat down weary or maybe stood in the mirror, looked at yourself and wondered “Why did I get this disease”.  Yes I’m sure we’ve all at some point wondered that but in reality we know it was the Will of God.  Not for punishment but because this is just a part of life and we just happened to be the ones to get Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Our struggles you see are emotional ones where we find we even blame ourselves for getting this disease.  Of course it’s not our fault but at the moment the blame seems right.  We get angry and may go to a place where no one can hear us and yell to the top of lungs hoping to let out the frustrations of dealing with the pain and suffering we face everyday.  That is our voice at that moment that brings us temporary relief.  Then we may go to a quiet place and cry for a while hoping to shed the emotional hurt that many can’t see or hear.  We are trying to come to terms with a reality that is now our truth.

Trying to come to terms with having RA isn’t easy because our lives with it is forever changed.  We hardly get a moment to take in our realty before something new is thrown our way.  The turmoil of new problems brings with it the turmoil of trying to fix them.  People can’t understand what it’s like to want to reach out to someone to say what is going on in our life and how much you need them.  To have this need to talk about our problems is only natural because carrying this burden alone is truly a struggle.  What we need is to find our voices even as we’re struggling alone just to be able to share all that is happening with us in order to have someone else help us carry our emotional load.  RA has so much about it to be heard.

Yet because of this disease, we may find ourselves quiet and subdued.  We are not people who find joy in saying what is hurting or how tired we are but what we have to say should be heard.  We should never be made to feel voiceless.  Being quiet about our lives can be as painful and cruel as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  The emotions we hold back, the silent unanswered questions about our health and the nonchalant attitudes should stop. We have no control over Rheumatoid Arthritis, it is controlling us and letting everyone know this should be done freely and without consequences.  We must be treated like someone who has a disease not someone who has complaints.

Speaking about RA freely is what we should be able to do because we are victims of a horrible disease nothing more, nothing less.  Hearing much of what has been said to us about our disease and what they think we go through or the lack of understanding comes to be our loudest voice for survival as we speak for ourselves. We may find we are broken but our words can still be spoken.   Our voices may get weak but saying what needs to be said is what we are learning can be our best ally.  Hearing us is the only way for others to understand this disease. Sure some will get it and others won’t but we should not let that quiet us.  Yes it gets frustrating trying to explain things and even trying to convince some what we have is real but we must let our voices be heard for ourselves.  Never should we lose our voices as we have lost so much to RA already.

Keep speaking for yourself even if others won’t listen.  There are those times when silence is a virtue but this DISEASE IS NOT!!

Be Blessed.