I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, a debilitating chronic disease.  You may or may not see it but if you can’t, don’t let my looks deceive you? What I may look like does not mean that’s how I may feel.  I am sick with a disease that you just may not be able to see from the outside but it is tearing me down from the inside.  So see what we say is our truths, look into the depths of our eyes and see all that we say we feel is real.  Take a look, tell me what you see!!!

When you look at me tell me, What Do You See:
Do I look okay
Do I look healthy
Do I look happy
Do I look lonely
Do I look sad
Do I look overwhelmed
Do I look confused;

Or If you look a little closer at me,  Can you see:
The deep pain in my eyes that you so often miss
The unintended smile that I so weakly give to hide my truths
The emotional hurt that overtakes me daily
The struggles that I’m bearing day in and day out
The understanding that I need to help carry  me through
The support that I crave so much from so many
The unforgiving loneliness that I sometimes have to face
The pretending that I do to please others instead of myself;

But, in reality, still You don’t see:
How lonely this disease is making me
How isolating the world around this disease can be
How much I really want to give in to
my struggles sometimes
The unrelenting pain that has a hold on me
The fatigue that bears down on me
The disabilities that have broken me
The deep hurt that I find myself hiding because you just won’t see it
How much I talk but you never seem to hear me
How often my words gets pushed back just to save myself from the unwanted hurt
That My Struggles Are Real, Not Cries For Pity
Who I am now and what I can do now is my truth; Don’t judge me, don’t pity me and don’t leave me but help me.

For all that you think you see, you have missed so much.  For all that you think you’ve heard, you haven’t heard or understood much. Missing our many ways of explaining our truths about Rheumatoid Arthritis just won’t seem to go away.  Take time to get to know what our world is truly like with this Disease and you will begin to truly see and know our struggles better.  It is hard, it is difficult and it is an ongoing experience that takes everyone to be there for the long hall.  Because we have not created this battle, we should not have to face it alone or fight alone.  Come walk with us and give us the understanding, support and love that we deserve as we go through the toughest times of our lives.  See what we see as we look this Disease in the face each and everyday trying the best we can to live with it. See the truth through our eyes.

Be Blessed

photo credit:  clkerfreevectorimages/pixabay.com