My body is wracked with constant pain
I don’t know how I’m able to sustain
I’m tired, weak and dealing with fierce fatigue
This disease really has my body under siege.

I’m struggling so much from day to day
Trying hard to find my way
Rheumatoid Arthritis has me completely lost
And there are no words to explain this cost.

I try hard to make my life seem like one that’s normal
But that’s almost impossible with a disease so harmful
It takes and takes and gives nothing in return
It has me living a different life that I’m forced to learn.

It leaves you sad, hurt and living in isolation
And you’re asking yourself “Where’s the Understanding, what’s the hesitation”
You see it may come on slowly or it can happen very, very fast
But there is one thing for sure, it is here to last.

I often wonder why did this disease choose me
There’s really no answer, it was just meant to be
The devastation may be fierce and surely great
But it is the life I have to live at any rate.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is such a nasty, nasty disease
Can everyone hear me and understand this please
It doesn’t discriminate or wonder who is next
It brings on the battle and your life it can wreck.

Many may wonder can this all be true
For a life more normal I’ll gladly switch with you
Rheumatoid Arthritis is not just an ordinary name
It is also Rheumatoid Disease which may be easier to explain!

Be Blessed.