Rheumatoid Arthritis, how do we explain it, how do we handle it and how do we cope with it. This dreadful disease that has become a part of our daily lives, our daily being and daily everything.  So how do we cope with Rheumatoid Arthritis, even we can’t always explain it and find it difficult to live with.

But let me tell you what we do know about this disease. We know it has turned our lives upside down, left us feeling alone and vulnerable and that is just the start of what we do know.  Our lives have changed, we have changed and we have lost love ones, friends and others along the way who changed because not many understand what RA really is and how it affects us.  So here we are fighting, hoping, wishing and suffering while trying with all that we have to maintain some form of normalcy in a life filled with so much uncertainty.  Our minds have so much to deal with while trying to keep our bodies going.

If we could, we would erase the pain that torments us each and everyday along with the fatigue that has worn our bodies out.  But we can’t erase anything that’s associated with this disease, if so, we find it to be temporary.  We fight everyday to hold ourselves together while fighting all of the obstacles that are thrown at us from the emotional turmoil that’s brought on from our struggles.  We are forced to pretend we are strong when in fact we are broken into pieces from the physical and mental pain.  The pressures put on us to live the life we’ve once led is simply a tragedy because we are surrounded by many adding to these pressures.

As we struggle with the debilitating physical pain, it is taking us to a mental state that’s almost unbearable.  How will we ever heal mentally dealing with the pain we endure that we know there is no fix.  Trying to fix ourselves is an ongoing challenge since we barely get rest from the pain, fatigue, criticism and blame that we face.  It is difficult trying to cope with these day to day obstacles.  Convincing others that what we have is a real disease is conversation that goes unheard most of the time.   If you don’t have support from those in your life, how can you began to make healing a part of your care. Let us tell you, it is short of impossible.

We are all seen in many different ways because Rheumatoid Arthritis isn’t just a me disease, it is an us disease.  It affects us all differently yet the same because many of the issues are the same part of us.  We each have a myriad of obstacles to face but each of us have our own battles to fight.  Battles that leave their marks on us whether seen or unseen.  Yet we still try to heal ourselves the best we know how but that is a difficult task since we are carrying this disease in our bodies and our minds.  Healing our minds is hard when we can’t heal our bodies therefore making our emotional healing a roller ride of difficulties and more than we can sometime bear.

As it stands, our journey to healing is a long one.  Rheumatoid Arthritis does not let up no matter who you.  So this journey that we walk mentally and physically isn’t easy and for us it is one that will never end.  Painful emotions brought on by physical pain will take an abundance of help and hope, something that we need more than our words can say.  How we heal our bodies from the top to the bottom and the inside out is something we are always working to find out and to achieve.

Be Blessed.