Warriors are you fed up, worn out and to the point where you’re stressed to no end and feeling you just can’t do it anymore?  IT being anything that others maybe expecting from you or limitations that you’re expected to exceed in spite off  or explaining your day to day struggles though they’re being ignored or rebuked.  It is your time to step back, take a stand and say “I Just Really Can’t Do It Anymore”.  It is time to think about what is best for you and how you manage to cope with Rheumatoid Arthritis and its devastation.

With our disease there are so many limitations though others don’t believe it because they’re looking at the outer us and don’t understand all that we’re going through.  You may look well or act well, and I say “act well” but in reality your pain is unbearable and life with this disease is a true struggle.  You maybe hiding what you’re going through to protect yourself from complaints of others and remarks that can surely come your way while all you want to do is just give in to what you’re feeling.  We’re so use to being criticized for being honest about our condition because many don’t really understand what we’re experiencing, yet explaining it isn’t being heard and that in itself can be  as toxic as some of our symptoms.  Actually, it is a symptom of this disease.  This too in our world can cause us pain thus showing why we “Should Not Keep Explaining It Over and Over Again.  If you can’t listen and hear us, then why should we keep talking”. 

This is wearing us out and honestly not really making a positive difference.  It’s the same old thing, they ask we explain, they ask we explain but in the end we are the weak ones who should just keep on going.  Our words fall on uninterested faces and deaf ears causing us tireless stress trying to explain or defend Rheumatoid Arthritis and its forces.  The backlash of dealing with our disease can sometimes make us feel we are wrong for having this disease and no matter how much we try to explain many of us are judged by our appearance.  There are those who unfortunately bear their scars so to speak and the understanding for them maybe better but they too suffer the consequences of being a victim as well but because others lack the visible signs, they are not given much understanding which brings support.  Why should anyone have to prove they are sick or have a disease that may not be understood.  What we say should be our truth because our pain is real, we are limited, we are tired and we are being pushed beyond those limits.  To feel we have to defend any of this is exactly what “We Just Can’t Do Anymore”.

So as we continue to struggle with this disease and the many things it throws our way, we should not have to deal with those who throw non-believing insults, curt remarks, unconvinced looks, cures and solutions at us.   We know the truth, so enough said. When we stand up and say “I’m Done and Can’t Do It Anymore” it is for the sake of our health and our well being.  We have a fight and that fight should only be with Rheumatoid Arthritis and not anyone who can’t see it for what it is, an “Auto Immune Disease” that strikes us from the inside out.

Be Blessed.

Photocredit: Glady/Pixaby