Are you tired, worn out and feel you just don’t know what to do anymore because you’re dealing with your ever changing life brought on by Rheumatoid Arthritis. Yes, we all feel this way because it is a disease that is overwhelming and forever changing.

Are you overwhelmed with the medication that is given to make you feel better yet you find that you’re still hurting more than ever.  So you find yourself questioning whether the medication is failing you or are you really giving it enough time to work or if you are waiting too long losing valuable time in the process.  You’re racking your brain wondering what is your best way to handle anything concerning your medication at this point.  This is the rocky road we travel with the very thing that’s given to help us but makes us sick while still getting the ultimate job done “stopping the process of progression”.

Our lives with pain which has become our constant companion and the most noticeable ever changing thing in how we live.  How would it feel to go a day without feeling pain at all, we often wonder.  Oh what a gift that would be.  How would we feel to be able to do what is normal for the average person and not what’s normal for us.  Doing the little things that so many take for granted would mean so much.  The very things that others never think twice about.  Things like brushing your teeth, tying your shoes, combing your hair or putting on clothes when you have to pull or tug at them.  Though this might seem strange to many, it is a real issue to those whose hands won’t allow them to complete a chore like that.  The little things in life being taken for granted by many brings joy to us because we live for those moments.

It is true, everyone who has RA suffer on a different level but we all suffer.  The emotional pain takes its toll on us as well.  To wonder day by day how we are going to be or if we will be able to make it is something most people won’t have to think about.  We worry that our joints will fail us as we try to stay at our jobs all day and if we will be able to take care of our families at the end of those days.  Still there are some who are unable to do either.  Worrying about these things and so much more leaves our minds in tatters.  It is sad that no one seem to understand what a toll all of this takes on us.  Yes, we can hide it well sometimes for many reasons but sometimes we just aren’t able to.  Our minds are emotionally spent because we have so much more than our disease to deal with.  It is the catalyst that brings everything together.  It is what brings us to our breaking point.

Yet many times we find ourselves hiding behind a smile that is untrue.  It is only there to keep away the questions, the rudeness and the complaints.  Having rheumatoid arthritis can be invisible so people think we are lying or pretending to be worse off than we are.  They think we are on automatic answers:  I’m hurting, I’m not feeling well, My medication is making me sick and My joints are hurting so bad.  All of the things they may not be able to see so we have been labeled.  To handle the criticism and negativity and of course the hurtful things, we just smile, say nothing and bury it all in our painful hearts.  This all is a shame for someone who is dealing with a life altering disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis because it is one of the most misunderstood diseases there is.  It is a disease that most do not see the many hidden changes that it brings to our lives.

So we watch as our lives change whether it’s due to our pain getting worse, the change in medication or change in the people in our lives, we are the ones who suffer through it all and must still go on. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disease that affects us all in a way that is forever ongoing and once touched, we will never be the same.

Be Blessed.