So you’re sitting down thinking about yourself not sure just what to do.  Really not exactly sure what the quiet time means for you.  You may feel lonely or alone with your disease and alone with your thoughts about it.  It may be the quiet time that has you reflecting on what a difference life with Rheumatoid Arthritis has come to be and will be for you from this day forward.

There are so many facets to this disease and loneliness is just one of them.  It is one of the evils that we endure as part of our ongoing struggle with RA.  Is our loneliness something we expected?   Maybe it isn’t but it happens for many reasons.  One because of the isolation we are sometimes forced to face and another because we have to look only to ourselves for answers for our own survival.  We have to depend on ourselves when others can’t seem to understand it all.  Above all, we are our best advocates so when we don’t have support from others, we make our own way.  But loneliness can be detrimental to us since it is very important for us to have support from others and to have those in our lives understand how hard and long this journey is we’re on.  To have help from others physically when we need them is also an important part of our journey.

Loneliness does not have to be a part of our fight nor should it be.  We should not be condemned in any fashion for what a disease we’ve had the misfortune of getting is causing us.  It is not our desire to be in a battle against loneliness while we have to battle RA but it is happening.  No one knows and understand how hard it is and how difficult it is to deal with being lonely.   Dealing with this disease itself is difficult enough for us but adding in loneliness makes it all that much more difficult. The magnitude of all of this is so much more than any one person could or should have to carry on their own.  All that we want and ask for is a fair chance and a glimpse of understanding and hope from those in our lives.  To many that may seem as if it’s not much to ask but the bigger issue is, it seems to be too much to give.

Does this sound selfish of us or would some say we are asking too much.  My thought is, we are all going through things with this disease and having people in our lives with whom we can honestly talk with and turn to when we need them is a plus.  There are so many times when we need someone and I don’t think not one of us complain for the smallest things that are going on with us and this disease.  Yes, it all gets frustrating and we need to reach out because it can be overwhelming and we need that understanding ear but this is not to complain or to whine.  In all actuality, if that were the case, we would probably spend all day doing just that because RA never lets up.  If we’re here for one, we’re here for all because this is the understanding that RA Warriors have for each other and those in their lives.  This is how you survive this disease by everyone coming together to be the support that each one need.  Do we get that at all times?  The answer is No and that is our reality and our truth and it cannot be denied.  The reasons for this is many but I do not believe it is the fault of those of us who suffer from this disease Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I will say that I wish loneliness and isolation would never be a part of any of our lives but it is.  It is the reality of having RA and we know this.  My hope is that this change in a way that will work for everyone involved and this entails understanding and support.

Be Blessed.

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