When you look in my eyes what do you see
The light has dimmed, Rheumatoid Arthritis has taken over me

I have a disease with a confusing name
One that no one understands, no matter how much I try to explain

My life with RA is so completely Misunderstood
If I could explain it to you better, I surely would

If everyone would accept this is now how I have to live
Then their support and understanding they would freely give

It’s a life that I live because I have no choice
As loud as I speak and cry, I still have no voice

It has affected each and every part of my life
Yes, it is hard, so much toil and strife

Who I once was and who I am now
Is forever changed and I’m still trying to accept it but how

I want to go back to the way I use to be
But this dreadful disease just will not let me

Still I look in the mirror and I stare at myself
I ask what can I do, Lord what else

I’m doing all that I can to be at my best
Still it’s hard for me to relax and get needed rest

I hate you RA and what you have done
You have taken my life and made a run

You left me tired, worn and forever in pain
And struggling to accept that my life will never, ever be the same

I will always long to be free from this terrible disease
Because all I want is Understanding, Peace, Rest and to be at Ease.

From all of us suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease that is so misunderstood.

Be Blessed.

photo credit:  kapa65/