My life is no longer my own, taken over by a terrible disease
Try listening to me, hear me and understand what I’m saying please;

You see what no one seems to understand “Rheumatoid Arthritis is really to blame”
For how my life has changed and No, I’m not the same;

Through the pain I hide my tears
Through the tears I hide my fears;

Through the fatigue I can barely stand
Still everyone looks at me with their demands:

I take medication that is suppose to ease all of this
But it surely seems something is still amiss:

Though many refuse to see my life is filled with tremendous pain
As I’m fighting as hard as I can just trying to maintain;

I’m tired, worn and ravished with emotions while still being so misunderstood
When all that I want is love, comfort, understanding, Please If Only You Could;

I just want a life that I can live, one that isn’t so hard to bear
So if you were with me and by me it would show me just how much you really do care;

Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis is so unpredictable and so unforgiving
Even through all of this, my life is still truly worth living;

But one thing I know for sure, RA is a disease that will never end
It will drive our lives through hopeless times trying its best to win;

My hope is that someday everyone will come to know
Just how hard this disease is for me and it won’t let me go;

I’m only asking that you understand my suffering is real and true
And there is nothing in my life I’m changing to make my Truths more interesting to you;

Finally, To Rheumatoid Arthritis, I Hate you much more than my words can ever say
And my hope is that someday you will be gone and that’s totally and forever away!

Be Blessed.

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