Do you fear your life with Rheumatoid Arthritis and where having it can take you?  It not only hurts you physically, it hurts you mentally.  So much more than people can see.  Our unseen fears that try to consume us is the fear that starts to lurk without giving any notice.  I must be honest though, it does bother me every so often leaving me to wonder about things, that odd feeling or thing that I hadn’t noticed before.  But I find I push the fear quietly into the back of my mind not wanting to really think about it.  Not wanting to let it consume me.  Fear, leaves no rest for the mind.  Fear, to be afraid, an emotion that should not be allowed to crowd our minds.

Unfortunately though, this is another struggle we encounter with having this disease, never knowing what to expect.  Yes, there are many things that are expected with this disease and many things that some of us will have the misfortune of getting.  We all deal with the debilitating joint pain, the overwhelming fatigue and the emotional roller coaster that we’re on with the not knowing but adding fear to our journey just seems so unfair.  Do you fear that gentle ache in your chest that can’t be explained or that breathe that you find difficult to catch, the headache that you never had before or that raging pain in your stomach that maybe keeping you up at night or could it be any unknown thing or pain that you can’t explain that’s not your familiar or daily problem.  Those unknowns that you fear, are they something bad you worry!  These are those hidden fears that creep into our minds just enough to throw us off balance keeping us in a state of uncertainty.  The fears that we fight hard to control to not let get the best of us while dealing with this disease along with our medications, the 2 things that offer life to our fears.

You see no one can see that for many of us we maybe silently fearing what Rheumatoid Arthritis can be doing to us.  That fear is real and it is something that quietly slips its way into our lives along with everything else that we’re dealing with.  Because you know the possibilities of what this disease can do and you know what your most difficult circumstances can be, have you worried about yourself in silence not wanting to worry your family with those fears? I have.  This can be very, very stressful, while you want to share those fears with your love ones, you hesitate because what you’re fearing maybe nothing at all.  This is just one more thing this disease does, cause us worry that affects our whole family life.

We are already suffering with our daily struggles but to add the fear of what can be happening with our bodies can really be more than we can bear.  Some might say why fear what we don’t know or some may say don’t look for trouble where there is none and I would say to them “It’s True We Don’t Know And We Are Definitely Not Looking For Anything” but the fact is, in our lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis, the possibilities are many.  So you see our fears have real potential and this is what many do not understand about what they think is a joint ailment.

Fearing is not good for  anyone and try as we may it is hard for us not to do.  With a disease like ours, sometimes it is inevitable.  No we do not go around expecting the worse but we know there are so many uncertainties in our fight with this disease.  That’s why we fight as hard as we do to try to achieve the best chance we can at beating Rheumatoid Arthritis.  We only want everyone to know how difficult this disease is and exactly what it can and will do to us.  We all face some of the same problems but there are many who are taken to levels higher.  Rheumatoid Arthritis is a SERIOUS DISEASE, know this and believe this.  These are not just our words, it is the written words, we are the Living words.

Be Blessed.

photo credit:  clkrfreevector/pixabay.com