Having Rheumatoid Arthritis is such a tough struggle but trying to control it is just as tough.  Medication is our fix; which one is the hundred thousand dollar question.  Getting it right is as difficult as figuring out what will happen next with this disease.  Welcome to our world of “the revolving medication cycle”.  A walk that goes hand in hand with our disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Of course taking medication is our fix for this disease which is the doctor’s first course of action but which medication is determined by many factors.  The unfortunate thing we see, with one medication there will most likely be a need for another.  How can this be people wonder!  In our world it is this vicious cycle we find ourselves caught in and we all have been known to endure it and it all starts with RA and the ongoing trial of trying to fix it.  You see there seem to be medication for everything.  If it makes you sick there will be one to take the edge off the effects of it or if there is the lack of sleep due to your medication there will be something given to help you sleep, or for aches and pains brought on by your medication, you will need something else to ease that pain and for any other issues there will be medication given in hopes of helping those out.  So not only are we taking medication to fight our disease, we are fighting our medication with medication.  “Welcome to the revolving medication cycle”.

This can be emotionally draining and yes of course there is medication for that too!  How can we keep our minds clear while dealing with the very thing that is suppose to be fighting for us but also fighting against us.  It is really a sobering thing to open your medicine cabinet or medicine drawer to see just what you’re taking to keep your life going and the amount of medicines that you have been given before you realize it.  But for most of us the one we all know so well and all probably has had since being diagnosed and may still have today that is known as our savior from pain but has its own ugly story is in our revolving cycle “Prednisone”.  It is the one that seems to be constant in our cycle when all others have come and gone.

How can we or will we get out of this cycle that we’re caught in!  Being joined with a chronic and unpredictable illness, I would say we won’t.  As hard as we try, we are drawn back in by our pain and other unexpected conditions brought on by our disease and medications.  Taking medicine is not what we want and who among us wouldn’t give up a chance to stop if we could do it safely and live with this disease in peace.  Surviving is our goal and with that goal comes DMARDS and Biologics to slow down progression of our disease but along that line comes the effects that interfere with our goal to get better.  On and on it goes, never ending and seem never winning because through it all, pain and fatigue seem to always rear their ugly heads bringing on our need for more medication.  So why isn’t it all working?  Is there a way to end this cycle that keeps going?  A question that we would love to get the answer to but chances are, that won’t happen.

Medication is suppose to be our go to fix but we are still learning this is a process that may never have the fix that we hope for.  Most of us have been through more than one medication solely for the treatment of our Rheumatoid Arthritis but has yet to get to the point where we can say that we are in a comfortable place with it. This is unfortunate but it is true. Many stop, step back and take a break from it all but that solution isn’t for all of us.  Though we all feel the need to be free from it, some of us keep living in the revolving medication cycle because we feel this is the answer for us. How do we come to terms with this and how do we look at this situation and feel there is hope while we’re dealing with the downfalls of having this disease.  Medication is a part of our daily lives and there seems to be no way around it, from the simple over the counter medicines, to our medicine for this disease, to our pain medicines and the medicine to counter-act the medicines.  At some point it gives us pause and makes us wonder how can our system handle the many cocktails it is subjected too.  I’m sure many of us are paying the price for that as well which is what’s keeping this revolving medication cycle going and going.  So as we continue to work to combat this disease, we are filled with hope that we will someday be able to get out of this vicious all too consuming cycle and be able to live life comfortably without so much turmoil.  Medications our help and our enemy.


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