Survival: the state or fact of continuing to live or exist in spite of difficult circumstances.  I’m sure that definition describes each and everyone of us at some point and time in our lives and I would say most likely more than a hand full of times.  How did you do it?

We’ve learned the art of survival as we’ve grown with life. But even as a child we had the instinct to know what to do in situations to make it. Each of us has our own built-in survival skills and it is with these that we have learned to take on life in some of our most difficult times.  These times may include making a way for your family out of no way, making it through a personal family crisis, getting yourself out of a dangerous situation or just making it through life daily if you have been unfortunate enough to have a chronic disease.  You see this is an ongoing daily struggle to survive. One that takes all of the skills that we have both physically and mentally.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I can tell you this disease can definitely get the best of you and make your day one that you think you won’t make it through.  This is something that each of us with a chronic disease face.  Fighting the battle to survive through the pain, fatigue and medications that can put you off your feet is truly a test of survival.  It is at this point that you reach deep to pull yourself up and gather that inner strength to carry on.  When life takes you in an unexpected direction filled with toll and strife, we reach for the most important source of survival and that is God.  Through him we gather faith, strength, comfort and knowledge when it seems there’s no way out or no way around any situation that may come your way.  Survival teaches you wisdom and it makes you strong and without it, life will pass you by.

Survival, our instinct to carry on and it comes in all forms.


photo credit:  johnhain/pixabay.com