A SHADOW, we all have one but you see a shadow can have many meanings.

Here are a few meanings we can ponder:  Those that run along with us as a child while playing, those that we watched as we walk along with the ones we love, the one that might have frightened us in the moonlight while going on our way, the shadow of the person we would never want to become and the shadow of someone else we should never allow ourselves to walk in.  Whatever it maybe, it has a significant impact on us in some form or fashion, after all it is ours.

You see, it is up to us what we chose to make of that shadow.  I would say let it always be something that will hold special memories, bring a smile to your face or keep you motivated and if it scares you in the moonlight, look back at it as one of the fun times you  had.  A shadow does not have to carry with it dark images, after all it is what we make of it.

photo credit:  byrev