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Hope, a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  This is the life we all should live, one that is filled with hope.  Without it, where would our wonderful dreams for our futures be.

Hope is a powerful thing and it is something that has no limit.  It is a treasure to have something that no one can take from you even though some may try.  It allows us to seek what we thought was impossible and it is what gives us the ability to push forward when we are burden with tough times.  Hope is something that is deep in your heart and mind that leads you when all else has failed.  It is what makes our hardest steps the easiest to take, also it lifts that heavy burden you maybe carrying and makes a day that is filled with gloom so much brighter.

Life should be filled with hope because it keeps our minds emotionally grounded and it is our Spiritual Gift from God.  Without hope, how can anyone say they have anything to look forward to.  Let us remember, life is full of Hope but lets not waste it on things that aren’t positive.  It is through prayer that our greatest Hopes are fulfilled. So for everyone reading this, I Hope you have a wonderful and Blessed day.

My hope is one day they will find a cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis for all that suffer from this terrible disease.  It is debilitating and it is life altering.  I will hang onto this hope whether it comes in my lifetime or not.

photo credit:  amit69