Our struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis brings us so much physical pain it can cloud our world with emotional pain.  How do we work our way out of this tumultuous emotional state that we find ourselves in while dealing with a disease that can get the best of us.  Some way, some how but we do it little by little.  Going through all that we do, how do our emotional selves survives!  Emotional and painful days are just another day for those of us who have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  This is not sarcastically said or flippantly said it is “our truth“.

Are there days that you have gotten up in the morning only to sit on the side of the bed with this feeling of dread hovering over you.  A feeling so sad and overwhelming all you can or want to do is Cry.  Believe me you’re not alone.  This is another evil of our disease, depression; The Emotional Us.  Dealing with the day to day struggles and the daily pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis can certainly bring you down.  Realizing that you will be living with the uncertainty, the pain and possibly the lack of understanding and support is just the thing to set us up for the onset of depression, the start of an emotional ride that maybe hard to stop.  You see having pain everyday is what we as RA sufferers consider our norm and anything more or less than that is what we would say is a different day in our lives.  Having pain on a daily basis can do to the mind what it does to the body, Wear It To The Limit Causing Us To Break Down Under The Pressures Of What We Are Facing.

Our emotions takes over when we feel this disease is getting the best of us and we feel we have given it our best fight and nothing seems to be changing.  That feeling when your heart is heavy, your mind is cloudy and you’re at your all time low and all you’re left to do is to sit and cry.  Your struggle it seems is in vain, though you’re facing it with every ounce of courage you have, still you know this disease has a nasty habit of taking your joy.  We don’t want to feel this way and we don’t like giving in to our emotional state but there comes a time when this emotional fight is just to much to handle.  Feeling sad, depressed and being filled with a myriad of emotions are friends of Rheumatoid Arthritis and they peak at a time when we least expect it.  Guilt is one of our biggest enemies because we feel guilty for the things we can’t do, for what we feel we are putting others through and the turmoil that this Disease puts all of us through causing this vicious cycle to keep going.

Pain puts our lives in an emotional spin and some of us try to handle it everyday while saying to ourselves “well it’s the same thing tomorrow” so we put on a brave face and keep going even though we can barely make it.  Our bravery is to keep going while we’re hurting more than words can say as we are slowly breaking down emotionally. Dealing with the emotional fact that no one seems to understand what the impact is of having this disease and the fact that there is always trouble getting understanding about it, period.  Explaining the emotional and the physical is simple but our our words seems to be getting lost as soon as they are spoken.  You see through all of this, our pain has its way of taking control of each move we make, each step we take and each thought of our day as we are ruled by it and this is what makes this journey the emotional ride that it is.  The 2 terrible tiers of a disease that we are forced to live with, Pain and Emotions but there is So much more to this terrible chronic attacker.

We are surrounded by physical and emotional pain, be it ourselves or those we love, causing this to be a part of our non-stop  journey with this disease.  So how do we handle it?  With gentle love, caring and thoughtfulness and medically if necessary but each of us must find our own way through this and find what’s best for us.  Also know, it is okay to have a big cry when we need it because it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Our lives are an ongoing run on a road of uncertainty and we’re forever trying to slow this run down.  Emotionally at times we’re broken but Spiritually we stand while trying to rise up against this disease.  I wish peace for all of you. Never stop the fight.

Be Blessed.

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