Are you longing for those days when you were able to do things without limitations or do you wish you could at least do some of what you once could.  You watch as this Disease take away the person you once were with the help from the Medication designed to make your life better.  Here begins the battle between Rheumatoid Arthritis and our Medication and our fight to be the best we can in this battle between them.

Yes, they work hand in hand making our lives a life that can become almost unbearable.  Rheumatoid Arthritis with the pain, the fatigue, the disabilities, the inability to do and the many uncertainties it brings and our Medications with the many side effects it brings such as the sickness we’re left with, the foggy brain, the fatigue and the many other layers of disabilities we’re left with.  So here we are fighting 2 battles trying to get a good result from 1 but sometimes failing at both.  Getting a double dose of illnesses that’s slowly breaking our bodies down is just what’s happening in our fight to get better.  Our efforts to make ourselves better is a struggle that we’re taking on just as we’re struggling with this disease.

Of course our medication was designed to make our lives better and bearable but it has become what many of us dread dealing with.  Our side effects are many but we know without it the complications we are left to battle from RA will be many and more harmful. This crossroad set for us can be difficult, still the majority of us know our direction.  We take the one that offers us hope, while it may bring with it many conditions, we know that is the road meant for us.  We try many times to get what works best, though failing at many but never giving up on the effort.  As complicated as it may be, medication is what is known to be best for us.  That is why we are caught between the fight of our disease and medication and the effects of both.

The battle between our disease and our medication is a part of our lives that can’t be avoided and living this battle is a hard one.  Our lives are difficult to say the least and our fight is just to maintain in this double struggle.  Not only are our cries from the pain that we endure, the fatigue that overcomes us along with the many issues from Rheumatoid Arthritis but also from the additional pain, fatigue and issues that we endure that is caused by our medication.  It sometimes comes to a point that we may get confused as to which one is causing which illness.  This is something that adds more stress to our lives and gives us more to deal with emotionally.  No one realizes what we endure as a result of our medicine because the biggest fight is with our disease.  Yes we know that having our medicine is a must and enduring the side effects is the answer to our hope of keeping this disease at bay.  It is unfortunate for us that our lives are full of many unknowns brought on by both this disease and our medicines but we stand firm in battling them both.

While we work tirelessly to get our lives in control, it is a fight to get that to happen.  We are in no way willing to sacrifice ourselves even when the struggle with our medication gets the best of us making our fight that much more harder, though some may throw in the towel.  Without medicine, the struggle to live life may come to a point where we are unable to maintain at all.  Looking at the choices to be made can sometimes crowd our judgement and cause some to look elsewhere for hope but the reality is, there aren’t many remedies out there for us to choose from but we make a choice from what we have in hopes that it will be the best and the one that will make our lives tolerable.  The truth is there maybe side effects but without it, the consequences are greater and the fight can be harder.  So Rheumatoid Arthritis vs. Medication for all of us will continue as we keep fighting for a better way of life.

You see our Rheumatoid Arthritis and our Medication each has its own hold on us.  We are bound by one trying to fix the other.  So each time we reach for our medicine whether it’s a pill, injection or infusion, we are sure to think how it will make us feel.  We know with it comes feelings that we won’t like or care to deal with but our truth is, this is what it takes to control something as debilitating as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  We will let our medication do its job in our fight against RA as we continue to fight in our struggle against both.  We will not give up our fight to win this double battle.

Be Blessed.

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