The Turning Point

Rheumatoid Arthritis;  We as sufferers hear it more than we like too but those we wish understood it don’t hear it enough.  We feel its pain more than we want while others don’t understand our pain enough.  This is our Rocky Road with Rheumatoid Arthritis. So Where Do We Turn?

Where Do We Turn when our pain has gotten the best of us
Where Do We Turn when that pain keeps on getting the best of us
Where Do We Turn when all of our medicines fail to end this pain that just won’t leave us alone
Where Do We Turn when our options to get better seems to be fading away
Where Do We Turn when we have so much to do but our bodies just can’t stand up to the task;

We know you are there

So Can We Turn To You when we have to look at ourselves and face what so many refuse to see “We Are Sick” with a Disease that stops our mind and body from responding to what our heart wants us to do
So Can We Turn To You when we try with all that we have to be strong but find that our strength has slipped away right before our eyes
So Can We Turn To You when our words to all feel like they’re spoken in a language that no one seems to understand
So Can We Turn To You when we are forced to play down the controlling effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis
So Can We Turn To You when we open our mouths to speak but swallow our words because the truth about what we’re enduring may seem impossible in the eyes of many

Still we want to know

Can We Count On You when we’re made to feel like our truths about Rheumatoid Arthritis are just cries of pity and selfishness
Can We Count On You as we face this Monster all alone as many in our circle walk away from the load they fear is just too much to carry
Can We Count On You when we realize our world is full but RA makes us feel empty and lost
Can We Count On You as we cry those endless tears of frustration, sadness and loneliness
Can We Count On You because others that we thought we could depend on has slowly isolated us because of their own misunderstanding of Rheumatoid Arthritis;

Our lives are full of needs for so many things.  Our need for understanding, support, to be pain-free, to find medication that works, rest for our minds and above all strength to handle it all.  These are just some of what we need in our lives and some of what we are fighting so hard for.  But who can we really turn to and who can we really count on to help us through our struggles and our fight with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  As it stands, we are faced with so many difficulties not only brought on by this disease but the stigma of What It Is Interpreted To Be By Others.  We fight with all of our might just to make it one day to the next but it seems that Understanding has its own place in our battle.

I say it again and again, no one understands the gravity of this disease.  As we reach out to others for support and understanding, it is not for selfish reasons, nor is it for pity but nothing more than what we really need.  The more we all understand this disease the better it is for everyone involved.  They ask, we answer, we talk, they listen, they talk, we listen and this is how it should start.  That is what it should be about and how the understanding should start.  So, understanding that RA is one of the most devastating diseases that I as a sufferer can tell you about is the truth.  Again, because we look okay doesn’t mean we are okay.  Having someone in our lives that understand what that means  and being someone we can count on is one thing that will make this just a little bit more tolerable.  So as we turn to you, look into our eyes and see our truth:  What We Have Is Real And It Is Devastating.

Rheumatoid Arthritis makes you sick, it makes you sad and it makes life lonely.  Don’t let us go down this rough road alone.  These are not cries for anything other than what they are, our cries to be heard.  Don’t let these 2 words (Rheumatoid Arthritis) fool you by thinking they are something they are not.  They are much bigger than the eyes can see.

Be Blessed.

photo credit: alexasfotos/pixabay.com