Having this disease is very, very difficult for us and that means all of us.  It is a disease that is forever causing changes in our lives.  So never should we be blamed for all that is happening to us. It is the fault of one thing Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Is it causing a breakdown in the family or with those you know and love!!

Being blamed for all that you’re going through with Rheumatoid Arthritis is very difficult to say the least.  It is a disease that is taking our lives and turning it inside out, upside down and making it so unpredictable.  We are dealing with something that WE have no control over and as much as we try it’s an ongoing struggle that we have to deal with everyday that we wake up. So why are we being blamed for what is happening to us or are we!  No, not all of us are being blamed but there are some that have the unfortunately fate of having this problem. Is it because of the lack of understanding that’s causing the blame or is it because people are tired of dealing with all that we go through and don’t want to deal with our lives anymore.  Can it simply be because they feel our burden has become their burden and it has become to much for them to bear.  Do they walk away because they feel as if they’re going through the same process over and over again and can’t seem to understand how this can be.  Maybe their patience with it all is slowly fading away with every pain that we feel or is it because they just cannot see themselves taking on this fight for the rest of their lives even though we have too.  Is it becoming a battle they are no longer able to fight with us.  This in itself maybe another struggle that some of us maybe facing along with our ongoing fight with this disease that has a way of trying to break us down as we fight hard to keep our lives together.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is one that needs to be explained to the fullest and it is the one that is to blame for all that we have to endure.  We are innocent victims in a fight with this disease and we are not at fault for anything that has been and will be done to us and in our lives as a result of having it.  As much as we want we cannot change what has happened and what will happen.  Our hope is for true understanding, support and better days with those that we love and those that play an important part in our lives.  We realize this is not just a struggle for us but for our families and working to hold ourselves together as well as them is also a daily process.  We strive to make the best life for all of us but there are times we fall short of our own expectations but to note, this is not intentional.

Our lives are not our own where this disease is concerned so for those who cannot understand what we go through or think what happens to us in an act and use this to blame us are not worthy to be with us in this fight.  If there is no understanding, then there is no support and if there is no support how can there be long standing togetherness.  The bottom line is Rheumatoid Disease is a terrible disease that can barely be controlled by medication so it definitely cannot be controlled by us, so to blame us is as bad as it can get.  We are praying for relief, a cure or anything that would make our lives better and to think anything less of us where this disease is concerned cannot be even be measured.

So as we walk this long hard journey, we walk painfully, emotionally and blameless.   This is the understanding that we try to get everyone to know and accept. Until you have walked in our shoes, you will never really know the magnitude of our ordeal but trusting in our word isn’t such a hard thing to do.  The truth about our disease is not a stretch that is too far to reach so it shouldn’t be a truth that’s too hard to understand.  Until then, we must carry on.

Be Blessed.

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