Our reality is a reality that cannot be understood unless those that don’t have Rheumatoid Arthritis step into our lives just once and realize the true life of a person with this disease is one that words barely scratch the surface of.  It is clearly much more than our own words can describe because our pain is a pain that is so deep, our emotions are bursting at the seams and the rest of our struggles are so rugged but our determination is unrelenting, still this disease offers us a battle of a lifetime.  Others taking a moment to care about our struggles and realize our struggles will open their eyes and hearts to what we endure.  But try as we may to explain this journey, it will never ever really be fully understood and this is unfortunate but it is our Reality. 

This is Our Reality!!!!!


Rheumatoid Arthritis
Yes, That’s It.  My Chronic Auto Immune Disease, Painful And So Much More

Why Do I Smile At You
Simply Because You Don’t Understand, Trust Me I Know

Am I Really Sick
Yes I Am And I Always Will Be

Am I Hurting Now
Not Just Now, I Am Always But You Find That Hard To Believe

Why Do I Look So Tired
Because I Really, Really Am.  Fatigue Is Now The Enemy Who Won’t Leave My Side

Why Am I Crying So Much
I’m So Emotional and I Can’t Seem To Handle It Well

Did I Forget Something
I Guess I Do That A Lot Now And It Scares Me

Will I Ever Get Better
My Hope Is That I Will.  I Must Never Give Up Hope

What Is This That I’m Taking
My Medication To Get Better And My Medication For My Terrible Pain

What Is This That I’m Taking Now
Well, A New Medication In Hopes That This One Will Work For Me

Is This An Ongoing Process
Yes, Much More Than I Thought It Would Be

Is It Making Me Feel Better
I Can’t Tell Right Now, It’s Really Confusing Since The Pain Never Leaves

Why Do I Look So Confused
It Has To Be My Medication, But I’m Not Sure Which One

Am I Suffering Through All Of This
Yes I Am And It’s Almost Too Much To Bear

Why Do I Keep Quiet About My Struggles
Because You Refuse To Believe Me And I Haven’t Figured Out Why

Why Am I Turning Away From You
Because I Am Tired And I Can’t And Won’t Keep Trying To Make You Understand

Is This The Best For Me
It Has To Be.  I Won’t Pretend Anymore That I Have Strength That I Don’t Have

Am I Giving Up
No! My Fight Is With Rheumatoid Arthritis, Not With You Who Won’t Give Me A Chance. My Time Is Precious So I Must Use It For My Fight With This Disease.

This disease is one that can control your life in so many ways but as difficult as it is, we still fight for some control over it.  Our time trying to get understanding and support is one that we have to give up in order to save ourselves some sanity because as much as we need it, we can’t force anyone to do what they prefer not to do.  But as we go on in life, my hope is that one day a CURE will be found so our suffering can finally be over.

Remember, Rheumatoid Arthritis is not the simple disease that most think it is.  Take time to learn about it.  It will do you good.

Be Blessed.



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