Having Rheumatoid Arthritis is more frustrating to us than anything can be but adding to that frustration, the ups and downs of being on our medications. But life without them is one that I myself would find hard to give up.  This is my choice and my opinion but how about you! Does taking the medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis have you confused? Are you ready to give it up to try something new? Is this an issue for you or are you willing to take the ride on the medication to the end wherever that may be.

Are you at a crossroad about taking your medication for RA and thinking about stopping it. Is this a thought or burden that you’re carrying because you’re torn about what to do.  Are you confused because you feel your medication has advantages but it’s making you too sick and you fear the side effects and fear the toll it maybe taking on your body.  Has the decision to stop your medication been bothering you lately or has it always been an issue that you have struggled with for some time if not all along.  If it has, have you wondered what would happen to you, what would the outcome be, would it work out or would you just end up back on the medication.  You see there are so many questions regarding our disease but for some giving up on their medication has more questions than answers and it is a really heavy burden and a serious struggle deciding what to do.

For most of us I would say we know that taking our medicine is a must even though it may make us feel really bad and the fact that we know there are known side effects that we may or may not have to deal with doesn’t stop us from taking it.  Of course for each of us the effects are different so it’s hard for us to say what exactly if anything will happen.  None of us like that fact whether they are minimal, moderate or severe just as our disease can be. Knowing of these effects weigh heavily on each and everyone of our minds and this has brought on confusion for many.


Taking the best care of ourselves is our ultimate goal and the most important part of that is our medication but we are finding many who do not want to deal with the possibilities of what has been known as the negatives that comes with these medications as part of their lives so they search for and try alternative methods to combat this disease.  They are searching for other means that offers what they feel are safer and also pain relieving methods.  There are some alternative methods that have been mentioned by others who say it works for them but the question is “Are these methods giving the full treatment needed to fight this disease”.  I cannot say if these methods are the correct way or the wrong way but I do know each person has to decide for themselves if this plan is the right one for them.  No one can decide for anyone else, we can offer an opinion but the end result is that of the patient and their doctor. I, as a sufferer will not make judgments on anyone’s decision and that is not my intention, this is just a post for thought.

This is just one more reason why having Rheumatoid Arthritis is such a struggle and why there is so much emotional distress.  In the end, the goal for each of us is the same “to make it through the best we can with this disease”.  Alleviating pain and sustaining our best health overall, including protecting our joints and organs which is of the utmost importance is what we all want most of all. So my hope is that through all of the searching that’s done by those who wish to give up their medication, is that they know without a doubt that the choice they’re making is by far the right one.  We each have our own choices to make and getting Rheumatoid Arthritis was not one of them but I do know and believe we all feel the choices we make to control this disease is the right one for ourselves.

Living long and living as well as possible is our goal. We should never be afraid to speak up for ourselves or fight for ourselves in anyway possible because we are our own best advocate.  But it is also up to us to make sure that whatever we do is in the best interest of ourselves.  So if there is any confusion regarding whether to stop your meds to look for other methods, please proceed in a way that is careful.  It is a tough road having this disease and the chances of IT getting easier may never be in our realm.  If something other than the medication that is prescribed by your doctor works for any of you, I do wish you the best.  My Blessings are with you.

Food for thought!  Are you willing to give up your prescribed medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis for alternative methods and if so what do you think the outcome would be.

Be Blessed

photo credit: artsybee/pixabay.com