Rheumatoid Arthritis is our disease one that we have and is forced to live with. This is exactly how we feel :

I hate the fact that you burst into my life with hardly any warning

I hate how you control the way I feel

I hate how you’ve changed the way I look

I hate when I wake up each day with pain and swollen joints because of you

I hate how you sneak in and take my energy away leaving me tired and worn out

I hate the medicines I have to take to fight you and the rituals of taking them

I hate how those medicines make me feel

I hate the side effects that comes from them in support of you

I hate when it’s impossible to get of bed and you lay there with me day in and day out

I hate when you take away my ability to do things that I need and want to do

I hate what an emotional toll you take on me

I hate how you play terrible mind games on me

I hate when I talk to people about you and they stare at me in disbelief as if you aren’t right there with me

I hate that you are confused with others that have the name “arthritis”

I hate when my truths about you are met with doubts

I hate hiding my fears about you and facing them alone with just you by my side

I hate I have no support and understanding while fighting you

I hate that I’ve lost so many people since you came into my life

I hate how much I have to struggle each and every day since knowing you

I hate saying your name out loud for fear of you hearing me when I crave some long needed rest

I hate I have to admit to you there is no Cure

But above all, I hate the fact that I have you here for Eternity.

Be Blessed

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