While sitting here writing and thinking of my pain, I wonder just how much and how often do we as sufferers think of each other.  How often do you lean back in your chair, rest on your favorite couch or lay in your bed during quiet time and think about others who are going through the same things that you are.  The many that you know are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and may just be thinking of you. I’m sure without a doubt you are thinking of others.  But this is to let you know, I THINK OF YOU ALL!!!!

I myself blog or write as a way to ease my painful mind and put into words what I feel and what I think so many of you feel.  I know for me this is very therapeutic but it is so much more than that.  I also hope if by doing this it helps those that are suffering find comfort in my words or find the expressions or opinions or explanations they wish they could relay to others in them.  I also hope that it is an outlet for some of you and a way to get across things you want and need said that you might not be able to express yourself to those that need to know what’s on your mind.   This is an intricate part of my goal in my fight for your fight with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I only want to be able to make an attempt to reach those that seems to be unreachable.  If this is true then I have done something for our cause.

Though to some who do not understand our plight, this may seem selfish but let me assure you it is not.  It is my true feelings for myself as well as for you.  We all suffer though not the same but we all know about the pain so we understand what our lives are about.  RA is not an easy disease so none of our struggles are minimal.  The level of pain does not make it any less a struggle.  This is why I work so hard at what I do trying to keep our truths in the light whether they’re thought to be big or small.  I feel pain everyday, some days more than others but each day of my life I know for you it is the same.  Rheumatoid Arthritis has brought this enemy into our lives and I as a sufferer know that you too are saddled with struggles each day and I want just as much for you as I want for myself because this disease is selfish so I can never be.  No one but us as sufferers really know just how much we can suffer.  It is always something new that comes with this disease so it is with understanding that we bond in our own ways.

Each time a pain touches my body I reflect on each of our lives and I know there are those that are suffering so much more than I am so I find myself thinking “How Do They Handle It”.  I’m thinking of you suffering and my thought is, how can others not do the same, how can they not know or see the extent of it all.  My pain reflects your pain and it is a constant reflection.  To imagine what you’re going through and to know your hard times makes me realize there is nothing that you should have to explain as you fight and fight hard with any and all that Rheumatoid Arthritis has brought into your lives.  I know without a doubt our fight is hard with this disease but also just as hard with the many who just do not understand what we are going through.  My hope is that I can bring some light into the dark confusion of what my life and your lives are all about with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

My walk through this journey with you is one of caring.  It is one that I know from deep within because I feel what you feel, I know what you know and I understand what you understand.  My purpose is to get others to understand what we understand and know as well as we know and to be assured these words are coming from someone who is speaking from her truth telling of your truth.  Not something that has been read, studied or searched.  It is from what my body has taught me so I can say to them this is what I know about myself and you as a fellow sufferer.  So as I write your words, they are spoken loudly with knowledge telling them this is what you will forever go through.  Your pain is real, your life has changed but you are still YOU no matter what.

So with each pain that I feel, it is a statement of what our disease Rheumatoid Arthritis is all about.  It is a story that has and will be told by our many struggles.  While I hurt I know you do as well, so this story is for us all.  As we start our New Year we will continue to fight and I will continue my voice for each of you.  My pain is a reminder that we all have something to fight for no matter what it is and we will never give up and never let this Disease make us forget who and what is important to us.

Be Blessed and Happy New Year

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