January 2016

RA -Rheumatoid Arthritis -Being Aware-Bridging Our Gap


Rheumatoid Arthritis, being Aware, oh yes we already know, Awareness is ours and here’s how we’ll tell you so;

Our pain is real and never fake, No matter what others think, it’s often more than we can take;

With each day we wake it may bring tears to our eyes, Can you hear us as we reach out, Please hear our cries;

We all are suffering day in and day out, Why can’t they understand what Rheumatoid Arthritis is really all about;

When we say we need you just to help us through each day, Why do you stare at us in this non-believing way;

Our pain is vicious taking over all that we know, Why can’t they understand this no matter how we’ve tried to tell them so;

Life with this disease is hard like you’ve always been told, Even through our weakness while fighting to be bold;

We fight when we rise until we lay down, Never feeling we’ve gained solid ground;

Yes, we want and crave just a little of our old life, But that has not been without such toll and strife;

So when we tell you RA takes more than we can give, Know that it is wrecking havoc on this life we now have to live;

Also, know without a doubt all we say is true! Love, Understanding and Support is what we need from you;

One more thing you should definitely know, What Rheumatoid Arthritis really is and with that a little more understanding as we go;

By the way, our life with this disease is no longer our own, And this my family and friends you all should have already known;

It is because pain came in and did a number on us, That once old me is gone, now getting used to the new me is truly a must;

Pain is our beginning and it is our end, Do We fight hard, Yes we do in hopes it won’t win;

But no matter what, it always seems to tear us apart, As we try harder and harder to pull through to be like it was long before the start;

Living with RA is something we truly, truly hate, But for you to understand it is never too late;

We’re walking this journey tired, broken and filled with pain, Battling all of this as we try our best to maintain;

Rheumatoid Arthritis is not even close to being our friend, Even though it will be with us until the very end.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto immune disease characterized by chronic inflammation of joints and it can involve inflammation of tissues in other areas of the body i.e. the lungs, eyes and the heart.  It can affect multiple organs of the body.  This is our disease.


Dedicated to my fellow warriors!

Be Blessed

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RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis – What I Hate About You


Rheumatoid Arthritis is our disease one that we have and is forced to live with. This is exactly how we feel :

I hate the fact that you burst into my life with hardly any warning

I hate how you control the way I feel

I hate how you’ve changed the way I look

I hate when I wake up each day with pain and swollen joints because of you

I hate how you sneak in and take my energy away leaving me tired and worn out

I hate the medicines I have to take to fight you and the rituals of taking them

I hate how those medicines make me feel

I hate the side effects that comes from them in support of you

I hate when it’s impossible to get of bed and you lay there with me day in and day out

I hate when you take away my ability to do things that I need and want to do

I hate what an emotional toll you take on me

I hate how you play terrible mind games on me

I hate when I talk to people about you and they stare at me in disbelief as if you aren’t right there with me

I hate that you are confused with others that have the name “arthritis”

I hate when my truths about you are met with doubts

I hate hiding my fears about you and facing them alone with just you by my side

I hate I have no support and understanding while fighting you

I hate that I’ve lost so many people since you came into my life

I hate how much I have to struggle each and every day since knowing you

I hate saying your name out loud for fear of you hearing me when I crave some long needed rest

I hate I have to admit to you there is no Cure

But above all, I hate the fact that I have you here for Eternity.

Be Blessed

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RA – Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis-Afraid Of The Unknown?


Do those in your life really know the extent of this disease that we have or have they turned a blind eye to our truth.  Is it as with most things where it takes someone famous to bring our truth to light.  No, it shouldn’t happen this way and we should be heard at all times simply because we know our own truths, not when it’s known to happen to someone that most people know and love to some extent.  This is when we get “Oh that’s the disease that you have”.  We’re glad for the recognition but not that it may only be a temporary thing until the sympathy wears off.  It needs to be etched in everyone’s mind always, just like we have to live with RA, always.  Let me just say, this blog is not to scare anyone or depress anyone, it is our truth that’s just not talked about and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do it while it maybe fresh on everyone’s mind.

We’re all living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the many unknowns that comes with it but I ask, “Are You Afraid of the Unknown”. I know we deal with a lot having this disease and we know at anytime there could be something unknown that comes our way but I’m curious to know whether or not, are there those of you who secretly fear what this disease can do you.  I know we all worry about it in some fashion but what about some of the things we don’t talk much about, the really, really serious side of our disease.

Seeing that Glenn Frey (so sorry for his loss) died lately from complications of RA and of course other issues,  I wonder did this bring forth any thoughts that may have been hidden just below the surface regarding the fear of the unknown. But  I must say, in all honesty, the fact that it was even mentioned that Rheumatoid Arthritis was a part of his cause of death is a surprise because all that we see on television regarding our disease are the commercials that show how well the medications work and how quick we bounce back to health once we take them.  Maybe this will shed some light on the fact that our disease does cause serious complications and possibly death.  This unfortunately is our truth. So has this brought out any fear that may have been there just under the surface or are you one of the ones that has always faced these facts head on or even still, do you not let this worry you.  It is my hope that it is the latter but still being realistic.

I myself try not to dwell on it and I must say I’ve done quite well with that but in reality there are things that this disease can cause that could potentially be very dangerous to us as sufferers and this is what others should understand and know about it.  Maybe this is the elephant in the room as the old saying goes but I wonder if this is another worry that we suffer that those we love and are in our lives may or may not know or realize.  But are you secretly hiding that you are afraid of this disease and what it could mean for you and you won’t discuss that for the same reasons we’re being forced to stop explaining our disease “period” because of lack of understanding.

As I stated, I try not to worry so much about the serious complications because it can really stress us out but it is my reality and our reality and this is why we work so hard to try to stay ahead of these issues by taking our medication.  Even though our medications can also contribute to some of these complications, we are left with the decision to do what we feel is in our best interest.  While there are those who think our disease is just aches and pains,  please know we are saddled with something so much more than that, something that can take away our lives.  And for you who think we are being petty, complaining or anything you find useless, we are here to say, we are dealing with a disease that can cause us problems with our eyes, skin, lungs, kidneys and above all our heart and more and this does not include what a lot of people feel is our problem, our joints.

My hope is that we are not dwelling on what maybe or what could happen.  Believe me I am not being cavalier about this issue, I am being very sympathetic because it is my issue as well.  I want peace of mind for each of us as we struggle to keep up with what this disease brings into our lives.  I also want those who do not understand our struggle to learn what we have is not just an ordinary disease but a disease that is devastating and one that can possibly lead to some very serious consequences.  At the end of the day, it is the truth that our fight is not a subtle fight but a fight for understanding, support and possibly for our lives.  This is to make people aware that what we have is not as simple as they may think or how they understand it to be and definitely not as simple to fix as it is shown on television.  It is a serious chronic disease that has no cure and will never end.

Be Blessed

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RA – A Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferer’s Words-Take A Look At Me-Don’t Doubt My Truth


Take a look at me.  Are you judging me by what you see?  Do I look normal to you?  Well I’m not but I’m being forced to prove that I am.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis an auto immune disease, one that can sometimes be invisible.

This is the typical life of many RA sufferers.  Dealing with the seeing is believing mentally which causes such turmoil for me.  No one can see the pain that runs through my joints or how much it hurt my hands to write, or to pickup anything or maybe to walk or to sit down or even to lay down for comfort when I feel this way.  You can’t see the fog in my head that confuses me or make me forget so many things or how it scares me because I think I’m losing my mind or thinking maybe it’s only happening to me.  You don’t even see what could be happening to my lungs, heart or my other organs from this disease as you look at me with doubt.  Yes, it may all be invisible but it is all so very real. Continue reading “RA – A Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferer’s Words-Take A Look At Me-Don’t Doubt My Truth”

RA – To Share My Own Pain Is To Share Yours


While sitting here writing and thinking of my pain, I wonder just how much and how often do we as sufferers think of each other.  How often do you lean back in your chair, rest on your favorite couch or lay in your bed during quiet time and think about others who are going through the same things that you are.  The many that you know are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and may just be thinking of you. I’m sure without a doubt you are thinking of others.  But this is to let you know, I THINK OF YOU ALL!!!!

I myself blog or write as a way to ease my painful mind and put into words what I feel and what I think so many of you feel.  I know for me this is very therapeutic but it is so much more than that.  I also hope if by doing this it helps those that are suffering find comfort in my words or find the expressions or opinions or explanations they wish they could relay to others in them.  I also hope that it is an outlet for some of you and a way to get across things you want and need said that you might not be able to express yourself to those that need to know what’s on your mind.   This is an intricate part of my goal in my fight for your fight with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I only want to be able to make an attempt to reach those that seems to be unreachable.  If this is true then I have done something for our cause.

Though to some who do not understand our plight, this may seem selfish but let me assure you it is not.  It is my true feelings for myself as well as for you.  We all suffer though not the same but we all know about the pain so we understand what our lives are about.  RA is not an easy disease so none of our struggles are minimal.  The level of pain does not make it any less a struggle.  This is why I work so hard at what I do trying to keep our truths in the light whether they’re thought to be big or small.  I feel pain everyday, some days more than others but each day of my life I know for you it is the same.  Rheumatoid Arthritis has brought this enemy into our lives and I as a sufferer know that you too are saddled with struggles each day and I want just as much for you as I want for myself because this disease is selfish so I can never be.  No one but us as sufferers really know just how much we can suffer.  It is always something new that comes with this disease so it is with understanding that we bond in our own ways.

Each time a pain touches my body I reflect on each of our lives and I know there are those that are suffering so much more than I am so I find myself thinking “How Do They Handle It”.  I’m thinking of you suffering and my thought is, how can others not do the same, how can they not know or see the extent of it all.  My pain reflects your pain and it is a constant reflection.  To imagine what you’re going through and to know your hard times makes me realize there is nothing that you should have to explain as you fight and fight hard with any and all that Rheumatoid Arthritis has brought into your lives.  I know without a doubt our fight is hard with this disease but also just as hard with the many who just do not understand what we are going through.  My hope is that I can bring some light into the dark confusion of what my life and your lives are all about with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

My walk through this journey with you is one of caring.  It is one that I know from deep within because I feel what you feel, I know what you know and I understand what you understand.  My purpose is to get others to understand what we understand and know as well as we know and to be assured these words are coming from someone who is speaking from her truth telling of your truth.  Not something that has been read, studied or searched.  It is from what my body has taught me so I can say to them this is what I know about myself and you as a fellow sufferer.  So as I write your words, they are spoken loudly with knowledge telling them this is what you will forever go through.  Your pain is real, your life has changed but you are still YOU no matter what.

So with each pain that I feel, it is a statement of what our disease Rheumatoid Arthritis is all about.  It is a story that has and will be told by our many struggles.  While I hurt I know you do as well, so this story is for us all.  As we start our New Year we will continue to fight and I will continue my voice for each of you.  My pain is a reminder that we all have something to fight for no matter what it is and we will never give up and never let this Disease make us forget who and what is important to us.

Be Blessed and Happy New Year

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RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis, Are You Worn Out From Explaining It

RA and the family fit

Rheumatoid Arthritis is our chronic disease, one that we will never walk away from.  But most of all, one that we will be forever trying our best to explain, explain and explain again.  Once again, it is not ARTHRITIS.  No, it is not, it is an AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE. What that means for us is our body is fighting and fighting all that we have and we are suffering the consequences.  You may not see it but it is our truth and this is what we feel we are being forced to prove.

Are you just really tired and worn out from trying to get people to understand what you are going through and what this disease is all about.  Are you fed up with explaining how much you’re hurting and getting that puzzled look because you look healthy and they’re wondering what you’re talking about or thinking how can you be hurting when you look perfectly okay.  So next you face that mountain of questions as if you are the one confused about yourself and don’t seem to know your own problems.  When they’re asking you “What is that you have”;  Oh that arthritis disease…Are you at your wits end with people not understanding RA just as much as you are with Rheumatoid Arthritis itself.  Are you tired of others not accepting that you are really a sick person no matter how well you may look on the outside.  What they don’t know and understand, your outside may not always tell the truth about your inside.  Because it isn’t visible doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Some have visible signs but there are many who do not.

Why is it we just can’t seem to get through to people about our disease.  Why is it that we are brushed off when we are having problems, feeling sick, hurting to no end or just having a really emotional time.  These are the things they refuse to accept simply because a lot of us are not the typical “sick looking” person.  How can people today operate with thoughts like these.  How can so many be so ignorant about a disease that has far more dangerous effects than they can know or even care to know.    We are not responsible for being sick and we are not responsible for anyone who does not understand and who cares not to understand.  At the same time, we do not want to spend endless time trying over and over again reminding people of what this disease is and how it works, it is not fair to us considering the difference it will make.

Why is it so hard to get others to really accept this disease for what it is and to know it is not a simple thing. We are suffering so much more than many want to accept.  Trying time and time again to explain ourselves and this disease is more than we should have to endure.  Sometimes we try to defend ourselves by explaining what’s going on or maybe we just make light of it just for the sake of it but maybe it’s best to ignore them because if their minds are made up, it will make no difference.  We are going through enough and to have to deal with others who wants no part of our struggle is fruitless.  We have more on our plate than most can know and allowing others to control our lives is no way we should have to live.  We are already being controlled by RA and one more controlling factor is just way too much and unnecessary.

For those who think they have our answer to our prayers, it isn’t true.  Granted we are would love to have the right answers but truthfully there isn’t a perfect fix for any of us.  What many may think is the answer to what ales us as they say, is not the typical rub, wrap, medicine or exercise that will get rid of it.  While they think it is that simple, they have missed the mark by millions.  Confusion about Rheumatoid Arthritis brings forward those that want no part, those that don’t understand, those that care not to understand and those that think they understand and know the cure to our disease.  This keeps us fighting for understanding just as hard as we fight with this disease.  While we are forever fighting for our place with RA, for our support and understanding as well, there should never, ever be times wasted on force feeding ones who fail to or want to be involved in any way.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is complicated because of it being a complicated auto immune disease and not because it is really hard to understand.  It is hard to understand because many refuse to.  Take a little time to get to know our disease truthfully then you will understand, it will surely make a difference to all.  I’m sure, this will be my plea years from now but I will continue with it for as long as it takes.  You see no way should we have to stop and think about what we should say to anyone about our disease.  But this is not true in our case with RA.  This is a shame, a shame for those of us who are suffering and to feel we should stop, think, answer or not is definitely not the way it should be in our world.  A world ruled by a disease we have no control over ever, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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