Rheumatoid Arthritis-Chronic-Forever Lasting-Unbearable-Debilitating-Devastating Pain.

Disease-Not arthritis-Not easily fixed-Causes Constant Pain and ALL OF THE ABOVE.  The truth of the power of these 2 words: Rheumatoid Arthritis – Our Disease.

Wow, this is the truth about our lives with these 2 powerful words, Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It is our chronic disease that’s breaking us down with pain, yes with pain, I will say it again pain. The one thing that is with us from the beginning of our day to the end of our day and unthinkably year to year and for our lifetime.  You have to be powerful if you can do that.  You see, it takes away almost all that we try to do by filling us with its powerful control which is pain that takes over our bodies and our minds.  We lose our sense of being as it tears away at our very soul while we’re working hard to pull ourselves together to get done some of our simplest tasks not to mention the major works we have in-store to do. Why I mention pain? It is because that IS what has a hold on us.  That is what drives our days.  That is what others may not see.  Can those we know comprehend that!!!

How do we deal with it all;  How do we focus on anything when our struggles are so hard we’re literally fighting even during times when we may have peace and just don’t even realize it.  Fighting fights that can sometimes feel fruitless because of the never ending pain and confusion we endure.  It is a struggle putting one foot in front of the other in hopes of getting something accomplished in a day knowing that if we do, we have done more than we could have hoped for.  This is the power of Rheumatoid Arthritis, the 2 words that carries with it all that our lives are and all the ways it has and will affect it and those we love even down to what some would say are our simplest things in life.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is powerful as it works it way through our lives, as it gives and takes away from us our loves and those things that makes all of the difference in the world to us even as we try spoken and unspoken to hold onto all that means so much.  I won’t say we are powerless against RA because if that be said, it means we are giving up our power to this disease.  But we do know this disease and what it does and what we must face with it at all times.  We are not fooled at thinking anything different as the thoughts of it is never ending.  We are forever waiting and wondering how it will affect our lives any day and at any time.  This kind of burden will wear anyone down and it’s added stress to us which complicates what we’re facing.  Through the pain and turmoil we press on and hope for better days though we know that our hope may be a hope that is broken, still we shouldn’t and don’t ever give up.  We try hard not to bring ourselves down but knowing the reality of how this disease works and how quick it can change our lives makes it very hard not too when there’s the realization of all of the possibilities of where it can take us and what it can do to us.  Should we pause and let those that don’t understand take this all in!!

We are so wrapped up by our disease and the pain it causes plus every aspect of it and the knowledge of knowing this is how it is time and time again.  Never once have we taken for granted the joy of getting pain-free moments to spend time with our love ones or to be able to do our most important or put off things.  The Joy of being able to do these things for so many may seem meaningless but for those of us who are dependent upon a disease to allow us time, knows exactly how important that time and joy is.  We yearn for days of being able to do what we wish and not be at the mercy of Rheumatoid Arthritis while laying or sitting down paining in both our physical and mental self; wanting back what we once had.  We only want what we were forced to give up and if not all of it just a comfortable portion of it so we can know once again how it feels to live the old selves we used be.  We hate the fact that RA is what makes or breaks our days.  Should we look around for that support that you need and maybe missing from your life!!

Again, the Power of 2 Words, Rheumatoid Arthritis the worst enemy for us and to us.  They are and will be the words that we wake up to and lay down to.  We will know pain through them and we will fight pain against them.  But through it all, our strength will never let us give our power up to them, these 2 powerful words, Rheumatoid Arthritis, the disease that we all know so well but would love to leave behind if only for just a little while.

Be Blessed.

photo credit: lucianobusto/freeimages.com