Our Cloud has a silver lining no matter how dim things get for us and no matter how dark and deep the depths of our pain gets, we keep searching for the hope of brighter moments and more pain-free days.

First let me say “I Am Proud To Know How Brave Each Of You Are And How Hard You Fight To Battle This Disease Rheumatoid Arthritis”.  You fight just to make a go of each day as you wake to face this disease and I know your Will is your strength and with each waking day you will find you have to reach deep for that strength to carry on no matter how tough things get.

Rheumatoid Arthritis has no limits so that means our lives with it and our expectations of it has no limits.  So how can anyone measure a day of what we go through on any scale?  How can they say that our lives are without complications simply because of what they Do Not See.  Our lives are never the same as we wake each day due to the uncertainties, the disappointments and the reality of what may be in store for us during our day.  Our painful outlook at our future with this disease is truly the reality that we face though we wish it could be something different, it is not but we cannot and will not look at it through rose color glasses. We would be lying to ourselves before we lie to others if we try to pretend it is something other than it is.  We are not here to sugar coat it to make others comfortable with it or make them accept us only to cheat ourselves in the end.  It is truly what it is, something that we as sufferers Must deal with everyday.  It is Not easy and it is Not simple and it is Not pain-free but a burden that we bear sometimes with a smile but most times in our and its true reality.   But our most worrisome struggle of course is our PAIN.  It is and will be the leading factor of our cry for strength and relief. This is where we need our strength to make us stronger both physically and mentally.  This disease is so POWERFUL!!!!

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a controlling disease, a chronic disease and a disease that we cannot ignore at any cost.  We are its victims but not victims in the sense of being totally helpless though we may feel that way sometimes.  Being at the mercy of it and not being able to walk away and live our lives to the fullest can make us feel helpless .  We are locked in its fold and unable to completely win in our battle against it even as we give it one hell of a fight.  Still we are filled with our Prayed for strength and that by all means is a wonderful achievement considering what we are up against.

No one knows how much we have sacrificed because of this disease.  Some of us mainly because we happen to look normal showing no visible signs but suffering just the same and others because you have to face your visible signs and suffering as well.  We’ve all lost so much, love ones, jobs, support, understanding, our way of life, our emotional self and our daily being;  just to name a few things but there is so much more.  The truth is no one really knows or truly get it but us,the ones who live it.  We build our lives in hopes of being the best for all but unfortunately this isn’t meant to be so as we struggle to make some things right, we aren’t without sorrow for what we are unable to do.  This is what Rheumatoid Arthritis does, this is what it takes away from us.

So as we pray for strength to go on, strength to deal with our pain, strength to get up each day, know that with this strength we are the warriors who will be so grateful to have it because we are the ones who will surely appreciate it and surely use it wisely.

Be Blessed

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