As you know I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I too suffer from terrible pain but I know there are those that pain is so much more worse than mine.  So these words are for me but more for those that I myself as a sufferer wonder, how in the world can you walk this walk with your pain when it is at a point where you just cannot explain it to anyone.  So I am your voice.  I have to let anyone and everyone who doubt that you hurt know there is nothing worse they can do to you than not believe your pain is real.  Why I blog about pain so much? The answer simply, it is the driving force of our days 24/7.  Imagine that, so why wouldn’t I let people know it is as real as the word pain is spelled PAIN.

Our lives everyday is filled with pain, mine and each of you that are reading my words and if not you, someone you love or know.  It’s hard for some to comprehend our plight but it is real and it is true, the pain that is forever at the forefront of our daily being.  So here are my words to those that doubt; it is debilitating, it is breathtaking and it literally breaks you down on the spot.  That is the power of your pain.  From any of those words pick one, they all register with you.  No one who doesn’t have Rheumatoid Arthritis can imagine what your pain, my pain is like even as I put it into words for them to understand.  I sympathize with you for what you go through and never should any of you have to hide or pretend that your pain isn’t what takes the drive out of your everyday.  I write this as I sit here with sharp pains shooting through my hips so this is written from what I know and what I feel.  Still I know this is just a little bit of what so many of you feel.  So I salute you for being the pain bearers that you are and for being able to carry on in spite of that pain. Your pain is what determines how your day will be moments before you place your feet on the floor.  The one thing you can’t turn away from is that pain, the determining factor.

Have you been Blessed enough to have those moments when your pain may have lessened for a little while and you’re so happy to get some relief that you are really not sure what to do with yourself.  You find you are rushing to get everything done that you can plus trying to get moments of peaceful relaxation in for yourself.  Then comes that first twinge of pain, that moment you dread when you know what’s happening.  Maybe it’s in your hand, your feet or any part of your body that familiar feeling when you know the pain is coming back.  That twinge that lets you know your pain-free time you’ve been experiencing is slowly slipping away and you’re realizing it’s back to what you’ve unfortunately have become accustomed to, fighting with mounting pain as always.  You shake your head in despair as you realize it is what and will be your catalyst for the anguish that you will always suffer.

Talking about your pain doesn’t make it hurt any less nor does it make you handle it any better but talking does keep you in your reality with those who’s going  through your painful experience with you.  They all get to see it is not a some time thing but it is real and harsh as they witness the looks on your face.  So my words to anyone who doubts your pain, I ask that you take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “What If That Was Me, What If That Was My Life”.  If you’re honest with yourself you will realize the answer to that question, then you will know what life is like for Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers and what they live with each day.  Now do you understand their plight just a little bit better?

Dedicated to the RA Warriors, never give up and never give in.  Be Blessed.

photo credit: ninatheresa/freeimages.com