Rheumatoid Arthritis and the impact it has on our lives that we’ve talked about and talked about but have we been heard.  Can you hear our words; words of pain, sacrifice, destruction, loneliness and sadness.  All of these because of what is called Rheumatoid Arthritis but to us it’s the disease that takes all.  Is this a blog written for pity or a cry out for sorrow for ourselves?  No it is not, it is the plain, simple and down to earth telling it like it is truth.  Our truth.

So people may wonder about the impact this disease has on our lives, it is heavy.  Not by terms of weight but by the burdens we bear and carry.  Otherwise, the impact is on our lives as soon as day begins and as we lay down at night.  Yes, day in and day out and through the night for a lot of us.  The impact has no one particular place to be as our bodies deal with the constant pain that brings on our emotional pain which all in all it’s effecting who we really are as it’s slowly taking away the old us while we watch ourselves changing as do our families.  It’s out of our control but all the time we’re praying for some relief from this struggle that’s never ending for us.

This is not an exaggeration or fictional story written to be made to sound far better or more serious than it is to capture the hearts of others but a testimony of our lives and it is written exactly as it is and as it happens to each of us that wears the badge of Rheumatoid Arthritis known to us as our disease; Rheumatoid Disease.  Are we all Blessed to have the understanding and support while suffering from this disease! Unfortunately no, there are those that have to go down this long journey alone which is by all means a shame on the words of our disease.  No one, none of us should have to walk this journey alone.  This is not what we wanted for our lives so we should not have to suffer any additional consequences for something that we never in our life time wished for ourselves or anyone.

So the impact it has on our lives are too numerous to say but one thing we will say is change.  What caused change: pain the ultimate; with pain came the inability to do and from that came the emotions.  Emotional because we found with pain our limits were cut short and for that we began our roller coaster ride of emotions.   So as the impact of these changes take on a life of their own, we are forced to live with them.  We can’t walk away, we can’t run away because we are unable to leave ourselves from this dreaded disease.

So for anyone who wonders what the impact of this disease is on our lives, think about being in a battle day in and day out wondering  when peace will come.  Until you have walked at minimum an hour in our shoes, you won’t really understand what we have to go through everyday.  For those that do understand, we are eternally grateful because all that we ask of those we love and need, is understanding and support because with that it will lessen the impact of what Rheumatoid Arthritis keep on bringing.

Be Blessed

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