We work if we have to or if we can.  We keep going if we have to or if we can.  So why when we find it’s hard to carry on, there are those who just don’t understand how hard it is to keep going and to carry on.  Why do we also have to work hard to prove that our pain is real and Rheumatoid Arthritis is really all that we’ve said it is and more. Why Do We Have To Fight To Be Right?  To prove that all that’s said by us is the truth, from those that live the proof, US.

Rheumatoid Arthritis isn’t temporary so we aren’t allowed the luxury of waiting until later or until another day to do the things we need to do.  For us it’s like a game of cat and mouse, we’re never sure when the time will be right for us to get things done, we have to do it when the moment is right.  But when we’re down, when we’re unable to move, barely making it, sometimes that makes our problems bigger.  We lose what we thought we could always count on: the support and understanding from those we love and need the most.  Losing them maybe from them being tired of the same old thing, some not believe our reality of how bad we are and how quick the changes come and some just want to distance themselves from what we’re dealing with constantly.

Because of this, we do find ourselves sometimes pretending things are different than they are.  This is only because we feel that we may have become a burden to others or we may want to give our love ones a break from the pain and emotions that we are going through.  We may be trying to spare them from some of what we are feeling each day.  Is this fair, no it isn’t but this is all a part of what our life is about.  Still we don’t want to have to question why we’re going through this alone or why can’t it be understood that this is a battle that the whole family has to fight.  We are the victims, we are the ones fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis with all that we have so there should never be a time when we have to fight RA and others too for understanding of what our lives is with this disease.

We should never have to stand alone with this disease trying to figure out our next step or not have someone to turn to when times get tough.  Our understanding and support should be as faithful as this disease has been in our lives, here every minute, every hour, everyday time and time again.  With this togetherness it may not lessen the pain but it will give us some emotional strength and power to keep our fight going against a Giant that always ready for battle.  For us there is always a constant struggle, quiet is a rare thing for us, pain-free is a rare thing for us so we should not have to fight unnecessary battles, for our strength is needed to fight for a quality life we deserve.

Be Blessed

photo credit: artsybec/pixabay.com