Having rheumatoid arthritis (disease) is a fight and a struggle in itself so when we are fighting what makes this fight bigger, really.  Why do we have to fight this disease and others for understanding. We need a hand to walk with us in understanding in order to face this fight.  So are we getting a fair fight from either?  My answer is NO.

Our fight with rheumatoid disease is not a fair one.  It has the upper hand because it changes on us when we least expect it.  When we think we have the upper hand it proves us wrong.  You see it calls the shots.  We then try something different and we win the fight for a while but little by little it pulls us down and gain the upper hand again.  Is this a fair fight yet?  No, not yet.  So we go on fighting by trying all that we have, new medicines, therapy and other doctors join the fight so we believe we maybe gaining control and that works for a while and we are happy.  But then here we go again and this is becoming a pattern so we become lost as to what we should do next.  Nothing seems to be working, we reach out to all that we can.  We need to talk to someone to help us to deal with all of this.  You wonder where are all of those that were there in the beginning, what happened to those love ones that held your hand or sat down and listened before while you released all of your fears and frustrations. They slowly disappeared just like the medication stop working right before your eyes and you didn’t notice because you were so busy taking care of yourself. Now you have a different fight on your hand.  Understanding!!!  Well you thought they understood what you were going through but apparently they did not because they either left or checked out mentally. Oh what a struggle this has all become so we continue on regardless of this.

How do we fight for understanding and who do we fight for understanding.  We fight by trying our darndest to explain it, taking you to appointments to hear about it, we give literature to read about it and we may even pull up information on the internet about it in hopes of getting that understanding.  What else can we do because we can’t make anyone understand it if they’re really not interested.  It can’t be forced and it can’t be fed.  Still we try our best, we don’t give up, we may even plead but we may still lose that fight.  Some still just don’t understand or care too.  All I know is Understanding is a must in this monster of a battle.  Who do we fight, everyone.  Everyone should know just who we are, exactly what we have and purely what RA does to us as a DISEASE.  There should be no exception, not even for family.  Those are the ones we need the most but others play an important role in knowing the exact.  So as we continue to fight for understanding, we do know there are others we can count on, the support group (RAF) that offers so much understanding and support and they never waiver on it.  We will never give up the fight for what we know will make a world of difference in our journey, understanding and with that comes support.  Wishing you a pain-free, understood and supported day, week, month, year and forever

Be Blessed

photo credit: bev/pixabay