We fight, we struggle, we fight and struggle again.  It feels as if this circle of Rheumatoid Disease is taking us around and around only pausing for just a little while.  Oh, but it is, but there are those momentary breaks  that can be all that we wish for.  Those moments of being pain-free where we find ourselves singing with praise or reaching out to everyone just to let them know about it.  Is this your reality?  For those that don’t understand, yes this IS our reality.  Why can’t you see it!

Our fight becomes the fight of those that are close to us.  As we stare down this disease and all that it brings, we have to gear up to give it the best fight we have.  We may find that we maybe weak and maybe at a lost as to what we should do but as we step back and face it we realize this is ours for the long haul.  Again, our reality.

The reality is, the fight starts with the beginning of our disease but it has a way of never-ending for us as we work harder to figure out what are the relevant steps we should take while we find ourselves working hard to get the understanding that we all need to carry on.  This in itself is a different fight but sometimes it can feel like it’s our biggest fight.  Why should this be a fight? It always come back to the same answer and that is understanding what Rheumatoid Arthritis is.  Fighting for more than we should can be a weight we shouldn’t have to carry.  Our reality should not look like a miss taken picture.  We should have the perfect view of our lives and it should be understood in the simplest form.  Making it complicated and misunderstood is far too much of a burden for us to carry.  We should not have to deal with those who we find don’t or won’t understand what our disease is and what affects it could possibly have for us along the way.  Time spent on unwanted matters takes away from the most valuable things we have to offer ourselves and that is our faith, determination and strength.  The very things we will need to forge ahead in this fight.  This is our reality, this is our life and it deserves all that we have to give without question.

Understanding will make our walk with RA more bearable.  It will make those that’s with us aware and this is why it is so important that we all understand together because togetherness can bring about the strongest force that’s harder to break when We are feeling down and broken.  It will give strength where false words fail and it will give support where they may have been none.  The reality is, UNDERSTANDING is all that we fight for, it help closes the gap that brings us full circle together in this world of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  This being the very circle that spins us around and around from one point to the next and back to what we might feel sometimes is the very beginning, just like starting all over again. Trying to figure out how to make it all work, our medication, our pain, our families and our jobs, the things that impact us the most.  It makes us feel sometimes like our lives are out of control while we still struggle fiercely to reach that all time goal of making it work.  This is our reality and this is why we fight, to find a better end.  An end to this disease that can consume us or at least an end to the pain and conflict that we all go through.  We fight and we fight hard with all that we know and this is our reality and this our Blinding Truth.

Be Blessed

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