I blogged about getting understanding and support for those of us that have RA, so can we get some understanding and support?  This question still remains and it is to our love ones, friends, family, doctors and those that are doing the research.

Of course the researchers are doing their job by keeping doctors up on the latest that’s happening with rheumatoid arthritis which may include any new medications, surgeries or anything that may affect us the sufferers.  They publish it, we read it but we still do not have the answers to the many questions that we have.  It’s leaves the doctors trying to figure it all out for us. Their job is done, for the time being.  Can someone just wipe out the name Rheumatoid Arthritis completely from any search engines, dictionary or medical documents and come up with a better name for us.  No, I’m not trying to do anyone’s job, I’m just trying to help US, the sufferers.  Can we get a name that points straight to the depth of our disease, something clever enough for understanding and not the overload of misunderstanding.

Okay, so what about the rest of the understanding and support groups, you know who you are.  Can we count on those that see us all of the time!  Really, can we!  I find there is so much heartbreak for so many RA sufferers who try and try again to get the slightest bit of understanding plus support for what they’re going through but find they have to turn to options like forums and maybe my blog for sympathy, support, the ear that hear your words, the eyes that can’t see you cry but hear it in your words or just for someone who might be going through the same thing they’re going through and get it.  Why can’t that happen from within the immediate circle?  Is it because of the lack of knowledge or maybe the wrong knowledge.  From what I know with the correct knowledge the chances for understanding maybe greater and with that understanding comes support.  Still there are those that just can’t pull it together no matter what, their understanding and support is shut down.  Support can be that rock behind us that keeps us from falling.  It can be the thing that goes right in our lives when we feel all else is going wrong.  When we’re down, when we are weak, when we are spent emotionally and physically, support can ease so much of the load that we’re carrying.  So the importance of understanding does not stand alone.  It is embraced by support

In our world understanding has so many facets to it.  The understanding of our disease, what we go through, what we live with and how we live are in the hands of us and those that walk with us down this path.  Walking hand in hand with those that understand is that glorious support that we need. Who has the right to understand us;  Who has the right to support us. Everyone, from family, friends, employers and doctors.  Each one has their own job in this matter, so if anyone is unable to fulfill their part, then we have lost a part of this fight. This is where we face the struggle of getting it right.  Getting it right is the magic word.  Why then are we stuck in a world where we can be stigmatized by a simple word that bring less meaning to our fierce battle.  This is not a simple matter, not to us or to those around us.  All any of us want is a clear and perfect understanding of exactly what Rheumatoid Arthritis (DISEASE) is and what it does and to be supported with it along the way.  Can we force those who refuse to understand to understand, no.  Is this fair to us, no it is not it just makes our journey long, hard, painful and lonely.  Only if those with doubts or with lack of understanding/support could walk a day in our shoes, then our world would become their world; that invisible pain would become real; those sleepless nights would become true and Lord the prayers for less pain would become their prayer and only then would it all be understood.

My wish for us: Changing things in the future to better help us.  That the understanding and support that’s needed will come without any doubts or thoughts.  The words that identify what we have will soon mean exactly what it is.  A cure for us all.

Be Blessed

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