We know with rheumatoid arthritis there is pain in so many of our joints.  It’s not just our hands and feet that drives us crazy but it can start in any joint.  My pain started in my right hand and my right foot so it can vary from person to person. I barely had any swelling and no joint damage but lots of pain. I guess that’s the mystery of this disease.

My statement “When They Look At Your Joints, Are They Telling The Whole Story”.  The reason for that statement is simply because so many people believe if there isn’t visible joint damage there is no pain so there is no rheumatoid arthritis.  This goes back to what I have blogged so much about “Understanding this Disease”.  Pain itself is not visible so it cannot be measured by what isn’t seen. Pain is real and is not a figment of our imagination.  I would say to this effect “we suffer in silence”.  Unseen.

With our disease we find ourselves much of the time explaining or defending what we are going through and it’s really sad how much of an extra effort is needed to convince some  there is a problem and  there can be complications and/or serious issues.  But because our situation may not be one that can be seen, we are thought to be misleading people among other things.  There are times we work even harder not only trying to convince family and friends but our doctors as well.  It is unfortunate as sufferers we have to make extra efforts toward other things when our main goal should be making ourselves better.  We should not have to be concerned with convincing anyone what we feel is true.

Of course having a visual is good in some instances but we would never want any visible signs to our joints because that means our disease has progressed quite far.  So I say, when looking at your joints what do tell, can you see the pain and if not what does that mean.  It means that my pain is just as painful as others. This is why I say understanding and believing is so important.  You see understanding this disease is more valuable to us than anyone can ever know.  It is not for anyone other than us to decide what it is we are feeling and us knowing what we are feeling is the truth.   Also, one thing for sure, we must find a way to spend less time convincing and more time healing.

Our issues are not always there to be seen but are none the less issues, so as we fight the many difficult struggles of our disease, we should not have to fight for the proof to show anyone that our truth is the truth.

Be Blessed

photo credit:adam ciesielski/freeimages.com