I know I always write about the struggles we face and the changes made in our lives by rheumatoid arthritis but this time, I want to say something a little different this time.  I want to talk about something that we all need and love from time to time, “That something is a HUG”.

It’s true support and understanding are so important to us.  It is what makes this process of ours more bearable.  But a hug is a small thing that will make us feel a lot less lost in our battle and it goes a long way with the support that we all need.  It takes no effort or time but it gives to us more than most realize. It is and always will be a special form of affection that can change a moment in someone’s life.

You see a hug can be given without words spoken, it can be given when the pain is bad, when the tears fall even when the depression set in and it also special when we’re having moments when all feels well. A loving and warm gentle hug will ease our pain and comfort us in a time when so much in our lives is torn apart.  That simple gesture carries more than words can say and it can help with the healing with the emotional wound this journey RA is taking us on.

To the families and friends of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, please hug them today to show them you care, support and understand what they are going through.  There is so much shown in such a small act.  You won’t regret it because everyone, everywhere no matter what your situation is can always us an act of of caring.

A hug is like a rose on beautiful dewy morning. You see the beauty, it makes you smile and it lets you see how beautiful life can be even when you might be going through your struggles.  So take a moment, close your eyes, think of smelling a beautiful rose, then remember;  your life is like a hug, it is what you are wrapped up in.  So you must know it is what you are fighting everyday for,  to strengthened it and to hold on to it.  When things get touch, you’re feeling alone or unhappy, wrap your arms around yourself and say to yourself I Love You and it’s going to be alright.  Let the beauty of a hug be as special as the beauty of a rose.

If you got a hug for every moment that you hurt, you could fill the world with so much love that it could reach the stars.  Have you hug someone that maybe hurting today?  Try it.  It might make them blossom like a rose.

Be Blessed

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