My life, my illness and my love, these are all the things that are important to me and are the things that are intertwined that all work to make my life what it is.  My life has its difficulties but it also has its beauties.

How do I make it all work?  My life is one that I’m so happy to have even though I’m going through a lot with rheumatoid arthritis and the difficulties and uncertainties that it brings but because of the love that I have in my life, it takes me to levels of tolerance that I am happy that I possess.  With love, all that I face, all that I go through is made bearable because it gives me the outlook, the strength and the support that holds me up when I feel that I’m falling down from my struggles.

My illness is one that can make my day a sad one, a painful one or a depressing one while the love I receive can make my day a bright one, a cheerful one and one of comfort.  Love tends to replace so much that can be taken, it adds so much to your life and it can fill the voids that the emotional pain has emptied.  It doesn’t take much to give it or to receive it.  It can lift you up when all that you have is uncertainty and that’s what so special about that 4 letter word.


LOVE, SUPPORT, UNDERSTANDING are our best course of action next to our medication and these works in instances when our medication fails.  We should always have these three things as a part of our daily lives and should never ever have to wonder why we don’t.  There should never be an instance where we should have to say to each other or anyone “why don’t my family understand; I have no support; I don’t feel loved or no one understands”.  These are words that can make emotional pain more painful than any physical pain we suffer.  So life without these is as empty as a glass without water.  There is no need for any of us to look at life like an empty glass because of what we’re going through with a disease that we have and do not want.

Love like support and understanding can be given from many; our spouse, our mate, families, friends and others. It is special no matter who gives it and it is welcomed from those who gives it.  So let us love, let us support and let us understand as we all move through this journey and this road we call rheumatoid arthritis.  If you just stop for a moment by the wayside to give a little bit of LSU, it can go a long way with easing the pain of a wound that cannot be healed but can be soothed.

I am loved and I love back.  I am supported and I give support.  I am understood and I understand others.  So to my love ones I thank you and love you back and to my fellow RA Warriors I give all of the above to you.  You deserve it, you earned it and you should always have it.

How do these all come together and work for the better of you!!

God Bless

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