Spinning out of control, is this what rheumatoid arthritis have you feeling like.  Your life is spinning, you can’t stop it and all you can do is hang on for the ride.  What is the ride?  It is the trek down the long winding road of uncertainty that’s filled with the ups and downs of RA.

Do you feel that being out of control hinders your power to handle what you need to do for the well-being of your health.  Does it interfere with your thought process when it comes to adjusting to the day-to-day changes that rheumatoid arthritis takes you through.  There is so much you’re dealing with daily whether it is the pain that you’re going through, the medicine that you’re taking, doctor’s appointment and your personal life aside from those things.  So much to do, so much to remember and so little valued time to get it all done.  When is there time to figure out how to work things out that have you running, whether it’s in person or in your mind.  When is there time to settle down and take in a breath of life.  When there isn’t enough time, how do we do it, how do we manage…So you see, there we go, spinning out of control.

So why is it we feel our lives are spinning out of control, simply because we are bogged down with the overwhelming task of dealing with this disease and the many different facets that comes with it.  Can we grasp a hold of the control, maybe, but how.  Do we do a little less of this or a little less of that.   With rheumatoid arthritis, we don’t have the luxury of putting off one thing for the next or until the next day, well maybe a doctor’s appointment but that’s about it.   The rest comes without hesitation and it comes without warning.  All we know for sure is we put forth our best efforts to gain control of what we can in our situation.

Do we like spinning or being out of control.  No we do not!  Spinning as we know it is just going around in circles and that’s exactly how we find ourselves feeling so much of the time. Each day going through pain, going for the medication, going through explaining ourselves, just this vicious cycle of the same thing everyday with maybe a slight change here or there.  But there it is, the same old thing over and over again.  Would we like to settle down, exhale, relax, feel free to figure out how to fix ourselves. Yes we would!  Sure we do get those moments once in a while and that is terrific and we are so Blessed for them.  In a dream world, we would be happy to have more pain-free days, less medications, fewer side effects and much more understanding and support.  Our biggest dream is not to have Rheumatoid Arthritis at all and if this dream was possible, then there could be the possibility of ridding ourselves of this disease forever.  What a dream. Never to say it won’t happen.

As hard as it is to do, being in control is an effort we all make time and time again.  Sometimes the harder we try the more we lose control but because we know we have to fight we do all that we have to in order to remain focused on keeping ourselves and our family in a place where we work together to gain the support and understanding that is needed to battle this disease.  Because without togetherness it makes the struggle harder and that should never be an obstacle for us.

We are strong enough to face our struggles head on and take as much control of our situation as possible and use the strength that we have to make a better way of life for ourselves.  We know this life may not be what we want or asked for but it is our life so we must live it and make the best out of it as we can.  So we fight the hardest fight that we are able to in order to accomplish this and I believe through the good and the bad we can make it.  As I say never give up so you will never give out.

Be Blessed

photo credit: elizabeth fuchs/freeimages.com