When you were first diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I’m sure the news was devastating.  Your life as it stood would be changed forever.  You had to come to terms with the fact that so much of what you did and knew maybe gone.  Realizing that your walk through life as it once was may no longer be.  It maybe a little slower or it may even be with a walker but a walk through this journey we had to continue.  Did we feel like so much was coming to an end!  Yes we did. But in turn we knew we had to learn how to turn that end around and make that challenge to start our new beginning.  We had to learn ways to cope and how to make a tough situation better.

Your life changed in the blink of an eye and I can even say that literally since so many of us have problems with our eyes because of rheumatoid arthritis.  We were once strong, vibrant and outgoing not to say we don’t still have some of those qualities but in the face of this, we’ve figured out how to take being vibrant and outgoing one day at a time or as it comes but when it comes to being strong, that is still our daily walk in life.

After absorbing all that has been put upon us, we had to come to the understanding that we are one of the millions who were unfortunate to be in a group who face a life of uncertainty in the wake of a disease that has yet to be truly understood.  So for me, I feel being a part of a group that is written about but isn’t really understood makes us unique. We will be a part of something that I hope one day will make it better for those that come along after us.  By no means am I saying we would lay down and let this disease take us without a fight.  If we’ve learned anything from RA, it is to FIGHT.  We’ve also learned not to bow down and let the struggle be done in vain.

Because we have this disease our lives does not end.  It means our fight begins.  Because we fought, we strived, we worked and we prayed to paved a better way to our new beginning the way we knew we had too.  Though our beginning may have been difficult to achieve, it is our new way of life so we will keep going for as long as it takes and for all that it’s worth.  It is our way of letting go of what we first feared might be our end to life.  We also let go of what we felt was our end to our lives as we once knew it.  Once we were able to understand what the battle was all about we stood up and made the changes to make a new start.  So we turn our strength to a fight for what we knew wpuld be the beginning of a new life for us as a RA warrior.  We did and we have learned to start over.

Be Blessed

photo credit:  geralt/pixabay.com