Do you always get this question from those around you “Why are you always sick”. It may come from your family, friends or co-workers or all of these .  No matter how hard we try to get understanding, in some instances we are losing this battle.  By that I mean, explaining what this disease does to us and how we have no control over it is something we should not have to explain or justify at any time in our lives. This only makes our struggle harder and our healing process tougher.

We are the ones that have the fight with rheumatoid arthritis and a fight it is.  We are the ones that pain overtakes and leads down a path of uncertainty.  Do you think we would change things if we could, of course we would.  Pain, fatigue, feeling ill and fever is part of our daily lives.  These facts are just touching the surface of what we face as there is so much more to this disease that can spoken about in a day. One day might be better than the other but for the most part, we experience at least some of the above symptoms daily.   When we’re asked why are we always sick, checkout what’s in our lives, what it is we have to deal with.

We are dealing with something that has a hold on us and it dictates how we are going to feel each day.  We have no say in the matter so we deal with it the best we can.  We may have good days sometimes but most days we don’t fair so well.  We should never be judged or questioned about the sincerity of our illness and never be made to feel we are hurting any less than we are.  This pain is one that cannot be put into words, so to try to explain it is impossible but some say it’s like fire in your bones or as I say “it’s like having a bad toothache” but it can easily be worse than that.  So when someone ask “Why Are You Always Sick”, the question should be “How Are You Handling What You’re Going Through That Causes You So Much Turmoil”.

To Understand is to Support.  We never pretend, whine, whimper, be any less than or wallow in pity.  What you see in each of us is real, it is not scripted or written to make it more than it is because with this disease we don’t want it to be more than it is, we need less.  All that is asked of everyone is to know that always being sick is something that we are not proud of but something that we face as a way of life and it is our destiny.  Don’t blame us but believe us!

Have you found yourself feeling lost in your desire to defend being ill, then don’t.  It’s not your choice to be ill, it was a choice given to you by God, so who is anyone to judge.  Be who you are, how you are, when and wherever you are.

Be Blessed

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