With rheumatoid arthritis Pain is one of the most notable things that goes with this disease.  Sometimes it can be mild and sometimes it’s really bad.  We have to try to adjust to whatever that degree of pain maybe at any given time.  We deal with the fact there may or may not be relief for us during those times.  We have flares that vary in lengths of time with degrees of pain and then there is the everyday pain we have to remind us that we have this disease.

With this comes our many emotions.  The fact that we hurt so much and so often can leave us depressed or overwhelmed so we find ourselves crying.  We maybe crying because we are depressed or we maybe crying because we are overwhelmed or for both reasons.  Crying is what gives us relief from all of the built up frustration that we feel from this unpredictable life that this disease has put upon us.  Crying is what washes away the mood that is holding us down.  Crying is what clears our minds so we can think of better ways we can become stronger in our fight to win against this disease.  So shedding those tears can be a good thing for us.

Are there those of us that hide our tears?  Yes, I’m sure there are!  I am one that is guilty of this. Why do we hide them? Is it because we think it makes us look weak or it makes us vulnerable to those around us or are we afraid of being called selfish and attention seekers.  This maybe why so many of us go to quiet places and let those tears flow like there is no tomorrow.  No, I don’t think for all of those reasons.  I believe some of us shed tears quietly because we don’t want to hurt our love ones or worry them and because we might be seeking solace in our tears.  This is why I believe our tears are okay.  They free us and help to ease the emotional pain where there may be no relief for the physical pain.  They are okay to flow and not be hidden because they are flowing to bring relief from our painful and emotional struggle. For this I am okay with shedding my tears quietly with God in a place where only he can see.

So my words to all of us with RA, let the tears flow wherever it may be because tears releases all that is bottled up in us and it clears the eyes so that those close to us can see what is in our hearts and they can help us along the way and be our support through this struggle.  Never feel that you have to hide what is good for you.

Be Blessed

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