I have rheumatoid arthritis and I find myself wondering is it my worst enemy.  I ask this question because enemies of any kind are things that we dislike and don’t want in our presence.  I won’t use the word hate because it is a strong word and I have been taught throughout my life not to hate anything or anyone and I don’t.  But RA is one thing that I don’t like so this brings about my question “Is it my worst enemy”.

Enemies are things that can bring harm to you, things that you don’t want around and things that you fight to remove from your presence.  Of course enemies can be a person but not in this case. I feel if the enemy was a person there would be an easier way I could handle it. I would be able to deal with the situation in a level playing field but with RA I’m unable to fight a fair fight. There is no way to negotiate battle grounds with this disease since it call all of the shots.  It decides what your day will be like as well as deciding how you will feel and if you will face your day with a smile.

So, is rheumatoid arthritis my enemy? I would have to say it is.  It does not give me much input into my life on a daily basis as far as function.  It has taken away my view into tomorrow.  It took away my smile but I was able to get that back with the help from my dentist, it took away the steps I once took in my high heel shoes, it took away the fullness of my hair and added the gray and it took away the gracefulness that I once had.   Am I angry at the enemy, yes I am sometimes but I try not to dwell on it.  I will not let it defeat me because if I do, then it will win.

I have to remember: to win is to fight and to fight is to win. So for me the Enemy will never win.

Be Blessed

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