Having rheumatoid arthritis means we have to take the desired medication to stop the pain in our joints and to hopefully stop any joint damage and to stop any further joint damage. Finding which one that works for you is the beginning of your journey.

The journey begins with maybe one or two medication and in some cases even more.  That depends on the level of your disease.  Even the taking of these medications does not mean they will work, so we may have to try something different in a short span of time.  You see with rheumatoid arthritis there is no quick fix or simple fix so this is why we have this tremendous task of finding the best fix for us. This task can be daunting but we have to do it.

So many of us have tried numerous RA drugs both DMARDS and BIOLOGICS to help us but what happens in a lot of cases they seem to work for a while and then stop. So we’re left thinking is there one out there for me that will work. Is there a combination that can be put together to help me.  When you have gone through so many medicines you start to feel hopeless and feel there is no relief for you but we have to keep trying because we have no choice. Having these meds is what suppose to make our lives more tolerable.

The question is, what if none of the medications that you have tried work for you.  How and when will the doctor know without a doubt that none will. What are your options then.  This is a question that I think about sometimes since I myself have tried 7 medications with Rituxan being the last one that I’m on.  I feel that somehow there will be something that I will be able to try and I hope this is true because we will always be in need of medicine for our fight against rheumatoid arthritis.  I am also hoping there will be a new research in the fight against RA because I feel there is a lot more that can and should be done to help us in this fight for a better life.

Be Blessed

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